aka – thank heavens for youtube!

i live half a world away from barcelona, and people around here generally don’t watch football.  matches aren’t aired on our sports channels, and with the time difference, i usually end up waking up at the crack of dawn to watch them on the net.  on top of that is the obvious language barrier.  i started learning spanish just to understand puyi’s interviews, but when he speaks in catalan — estoy perdido! when i think about it, it sometimes takes herculean effort just to keep updated about el capitan, but what can i do?  i am a slave of my own affection.  te amo, puyi 🙂

the thing i love most about this obsession is that everyday, i discover other people from all over the world who feel the same way.  ok, maybe not obsessed, but people who share a strong sense of respect and admiration for puyol.  this post is for my fellow puyol admirers out there — here are some of my favorite puyol compilations out on youtube.  spread the love for our puyi!!

p.s. to the guys who actually made the videos — thank you!! they’re amazing!

just 4 for now… more to come!!


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