also known as: it's not that cold, pep.


aahhhh, kazan.  we meet again.  i must admit, i felt a twinge of panic when we drew you for the group stage.  but that was quickly replaced by a surge of excitement at the thought of captain puyol prancing around in freezing weather as if it were a sunny day in the park.  i hope we can achieve more than a 0-0 draw this time, but i honestly won’t be able to concentrate on the scoreline if this wednesday’s exhibition will be anything like last year’s.  barca brought full-on winter gear – mufflers, gloves, tights, longsleeved shirts, undershirts, big jackets and BLANKETS.  y el capitan?  might as well have been on the shores of ibiza.

granted it’s only the end of september and the weather forecast for wednesday is just 7C with showers — not the subzero freeze that met them last year — but come on, puyi! there hasn’t been one shirtless post-match photo of you all season!  russia will be a good start 🙂

down memory lane:  photos, a video and a hilarious link after the jump

you guys warm up. i think i'm warm enough.

not just any shorts... TINY shorts

and the killer shot! hotness!!

 that deserves another look:

just for perspective, here’s a photo of pep and henry:

my head's freezing too, man!

 and here are the benchWARMERS:

where's the fireplace?

video of the game:  at the end, take note of pep warming his hands before shaking kazan’s manager’s hands.  it’s so cold, you can see the players’ breaths!

and a funny page from ontd football (i love the gif of shirtless puyi!  i’d stay away from the comments though, they’re nasty!)


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  1. doris says:

    great photos! I love that “where’s the fireplace?” one:) this one is great too

  2. orangerie says:

    thanks for the link!

  3. Hockey Forum says:

    This is an excellent post and may be one that can be followed up to see how things go

    A pal sent this link the other day and I’m excitedly hoping for your next content. Continue on the terrific work.

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