here’s my translation of the article… my spanish isn’t perfect, but i think i got it all.  phrases in bold italics are my comments.   

but first, let’s have another lingering look at this:   

i hope you didn't get teased too much in the locker room over this 🙂

text after the jump   


MK:  how do I call you, Carles, Puyi, Puyol?   

CP:  now that we know each other, and have had photos together, you can call me Puyi, like my friends do   

MK:  thank you puyi.  i saw in the photo shoot that you … this is so hard to translate.  it says depiladisimo, which means hairless, and asks how he does it   

CP:  with wax ouch   

MK:  do you use creams?   

CP:  no, i even go into the sun without protection   

MK:  very bad!  but, well, let’s get to the point.  tell us about your tattoos.  (he has one on each arm, another under the wristwatch and another on the lower abdomen)   

CP:  i got them there so i can cover all of them a little (no need to do that, really), and they say “power is in the mind”, “only the strongest endure” and “desire is power”  last is not really the direct translation, but taken in context, can also be translated as “if you want, you can”… so puyi, if i want you..?

MK:  can it be said that these messages have inspired you?  have you ever dreamt that you could win it all?   

CP:  no.  in fact, during my first five years in Barca, a team that is bound to win every season, i did not win anything.  the truth is that there were times that were very difficult, i felt very bad.  also, i’m very competitive, i do not like to lose anything.  i shut myself in, and hurt people who were by my side; i was very unfair to them.   

MK:  and in those years of drought for barca, you never thought of leaving?   

CP:  it was so bad that once, i thought of leaving, not only because we did not win, but that we did not even fight for the titles.  and although it was the team of my life, i needed to win.  my ex-partner always told me i could go and win things elsewhere, but i would never feel what it’s like to win something with my team   

MK:  wise words   

CP:  yes, now i’ve lived with it and it’s spectacular to win with barca   

MK:  and when you’ve reached this point, what are your ambitions?   

CP:  to keep winning, it’s the best thing. i want to win even during training.  you’re content, the atmosphere in the locker room is better, the people in the street are happy…   

MK:  does it affect your life much that you are a popular person, and your life is so exposed?   

CP:  at first, i didn’t like it, then i had to accept it, and now i have no problem.  i’m a normal person   

MK:  and the fact that you are catalan and you defend the spanish flag?   

CP:  i get along well, but some try to stir politics and use us.  they’ve said to my face that i didn’t feel the shirt of spain, and now that we’ve won, we’re the greatest.  i’ve also been criticized for carrying the senyera (catalan flag) during the world cup celebrations; but if it had been an asturian flag, no one would have made comments.  i’ll take my stuff, and that’s it   

MK:  you like shopping, or are clothes bought for you?   

CP:  i like fashion, but it won’t kill me.  jeans and a t-shirt are perfect for me.  before i was in a long relationship, and she bought all my clothes (laughter)… yes, yes.  

MK:  and now you are left without advice…   

CP:  we are very good friends and we go shopping together.  i hope one of the friends you shop with is pep.  don’t shop with iker, ok?   

MK:  you say you’ve spent enough on fashion, but suddenly you get a watch with your initials   

CP: it all started because i really like watches, and i have some friends who suggested that i make one.  i made it clear that even if it was my brand, if i don’t like the watch, i won’t put it on.  we are very pleased, the watches work very well and we have friends who like them and wear them.   

MK:  of your teammates in barca, who is the most attractive? the word was coqueta, which can mean either attractive or flirtatious.  i chose the former.   

CP:  there are a number… pique dares with some outfits…!  we have pictures and everything (laughter) let’s see them, then!.  get to the dressing room and it’s like an examination yes, i do wish!  

MK:  the madrid dressing room seems less daring.   

CP:  our dressing room is very normal.  when it comes to someone who has copied an outfit from a magazine, there is a bit of laughter.  shame that i just damaged the memory card/battery, if not i’d have shown photos, some that we’ve made. oh for shame!! why tease like that, puyi?!   

MK:  i see why you haven’t put on a bathing suit for the photos.  good point, girl!  why not something like iniesta’s?   

CP:  pass.  we already have enough with the photos we have here.   

MK:  you mean that these photos you’ve done for marie claire are going to be a  problem in the locker room?   

CP:  it’s not a problem, i’m happy and it has been an honor to be with you in these photos, but they will laugh a little i’m guessing pique will laugh first, and will laugh the most.  in fact, i think he’s actually laughing right now.

MK:  an honor for me as well! and since we’re there, greetings to the locker room.  how do you take being captain of your teammates?  the hierarchy is respected?   

CP:  Yes, it is respected much, although things have changed.  i remember my first years in la seleccion or in the first team, i saw luis enrique and i had so much respect that i didn’t say anything so as not to disturb awww,am dying at the thought of a shy puyi being the new guy in the team.  now come young people like pique or busquets, and they quickly make jokes with us.  i believe that it’s much better now.   

MK:  you learn from the younger ones?   

CP:  precisely, one person who has helped me much is gerard pique. when he arrived in barcelona, i was in a very bad time, between the death of my father, the team not winning anything despite being one of the best in the world, the end of my relationship with agnes… and i realized there are many things besides football.  I started to enjoy myself with my friends, who are very important, and pique helped me see that everything can be reconciled, and that excessive responsibilities were hurting me. teardrops! i love you, geri, for taking care of our capi!   

MK:  you seem to have found a perfect equilibrium in your life   

CP:  in the preparations for the world cup, we were in murcia, they gave us a free day, and i went with cesc and pique to spend the day in ibiza, to go to flower power.  before that would have been unthinkable for me, and the truth is that it was one of the best days i’ve had in my life   

MK:  is it or is it not a myth that you can’t have sex before a match?   

CP:  it’s a total myth. !!!!!!! when i was in the first team, a trainer asked me, do you have relations the day before matches?  i didn’t know what to say, and i replied no (embarrassed puyi must have been so cute!).  and he told me, well very bad, you have to do it because it relaxes you and you will feel great the day after.  cringing at the thought of how many matches puyi has had after this conversation.  ugh.  

MK:  supposedly in defending, you have to be very attentive… can you see well with your hair?   

CP:  i see everything.  i’ve never put a band or anything, i don’t want to, i’m good right now and the moment it bothers me, i’ll cut it a bit, even by myself.   

MK:  i can imagine the wars you’ve had with your mother about your hair.   

CP:  yes, yes.  my mother and my father, may he rest in peace, have always wanted me to cut it, but so far no one has succeeded   

MK:  but life is seen differently with a clear horizon, maybe you felt unprotected?   

CP:  the truth is that… i used to hide myself a little. la verdad es que… how very iniesta!   

MK:  and are you not going to give us the pleasure of ever seeing you with short hair?   

CP:  yes, yes…the time will come, but when i retire   

MK:  and that will not be within 20 years, evidently   

CP:  no, i still have a few years.  as long as there is the dream and the physical force, i’ll continue   

MK:  like samson!  yes, better not to risk… which curls scored the goal in the semifinal of the world cup?  they have to be framed! 

CP:  they’re these, because i haven’t cut my hair until now   

MK:  what did you feel with that goal?   

CP:  in the moment, everything went by super fast, and the only thing i thought of was to return to my position as defender.  i’m not used to scoring goals, and i was lucky to have teammates there to celebrate.  i wouldn’t have known what to do.   

MK:  and explain to me the time you greeted the queen in a towel.  back to imagining what your mother must have thought!   

CP:  if i had not scored that goal, no one would have noticed that i wasn’t in the locker room when she came down to greet us.  i was in another room putting ice on my knee, i had not come out, and nothing happened.  the problem was that i had scored the goal and they had come for me.  i put on the towel and went out to greet them, like so many other times, and everyone started shouting my name, and that’s when i got shy and hid behind my bangs…   

i love you, puyi!!

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  1. Savithri says:

    How did agnes and puyol split? He says they are still friends and keeps on repeating his ex!

    • orangerie says:

      i honestly don’t know.. i recall reading in a forum or blog that there was a third party, but neither puyol nor agnes have really spoken about it, so everything’s just speculation. the press in spain/barcelona, thankfully, gives the players enough privacy. they were together for a loooong time; i guess you really can’t erase such a significant part of your life. tbh, i was really sad when i heard they broke up. glad they’ve remained friends, though.

  2. Savithri says:

    Sad end of a relationship! But puyi..don’t be in a hangover! There are enough women in the world! Got to go out and explore….

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