alexandra on totalbarca did an excellent interview with ex-barca player patrik andersson who was with the club for 3 seasons starting 2001.  it’s a great read, see the full part 1 here:

of course my favorite parts were everything he said about puyi:

“Puyol played as a right back when I came then eventually he became a central defender. What made him was his big heart and the fighting spirit that he had.”
Ten years have passed now since Andersson first played with Xavi and Puyol, does he think there is a big difference today from how they were then? “No, I don’t really think that. They are the same, still very humble despite all their success. Although both of them have surely developed their game.”

Andersson also told us how it were to play in the defense with a young Puyol “He were pretty volatile. You had to have control on him. Thanks to his big heart and fighting spirit he sorted out many situations. He always gives everything.”


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