a great photo of our capita

after the fixture against malaga, puyi was interviewed on barcatv.  this is from the club’s website:

 “it’s good that your rival loses points, but we have to concentrate on our own game. The further ahead we are, the better – it gives you more margin but we aren’t thinking about dropping points, just to continue winning games and taking points”.

on the record that they broke:  “it’s just numbers.  We have to keep on and not think about those things, just keep on trying to improve every day. We will do everything we can and try and repeat those numbers. The team is showing from start to finish in every game that we give everything on the pitch”.

well said, as always!  by the way, i really like that photo of puyi, but i haven’t been able to find a larger version.  while it’s still among the headlines, you can see it on the club’s football news page:  http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/futbol/index.html


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