having no puyi on the pitch tonight will upset the rhythm of my week.  and since i have nothing better to do, i’ve come up with my list of twenty questions i want to ask him should we ever come face to face (the questions are meant to distract him as i secure his wrist to mine with handcuffs)

1.  in the marie claire interview, which pair of pants did you like the most?

more after the jump

2.  what do you do with all the shirts you get after games?

put them in the washing machine, i hope 🙂

3.  have you ever cried while getting inked?

4.  what products do you use on your hair?  seriously now.  i really wanna know.


5.  when you do decide to get rid of the curls, is your hair going to be like a) xavi’s, b) capdevila’s or c) iniesta’s?

or maybe valdes?

6.  do you always help each other get dressed? 🙂

7.  who gives the tightest hugs?

8.  why do you like the sleeveless shirts?

9.  what’s your favorite stretch or yoga pose?

10.  whom was this for?

11.  do you think football kits should be tighter and shorter?

12.  whose idea was this? >

not yours, i hope

13.  do you think you can convince the guys (and pep) to sing and dance like this?

14.  as a kid, were you shy or a bully?

15.  what did you give pep for his birthday? (lemme guess, a cp5?)

16.  do you do your own chores — wash dishes, laundry, cook dinner?

17.  do you like chick flicks?

18.  what size shoes do you wear?

19.  do you go skinnydipping? 🙂

20.  really, you do?!  where? 🙂 🙂


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  1. Gladys says:

    I love your list! I wish some fairy football mother out there would sneak this to Puyi for you. Even if he just answers the ones he wants, I think it would make a great interview. I just hope he answers “shy” to #14. I can’t imagine him being a bully. (Oh, and I find the potential haircuts terrifying…I really can’t imagine him with any other haircut…other than maybe a shorter version of what he has).

    • orangerie says:

      i really really want to know what he uses on his hair. it’s always so bouncy and tangle-free 🙂 agree with you about the haircut — he had it a lot shorter during his earlier years in barca, and he looked just as fetching back then 🙂

  2. westcoastcule says:

    Jajaja… These are all great questions! You’ve definitely piqued (yes, I used that on purpose) my curiosity as to what his answers would be. You should tweet these to Carles5puyol! Or I just tweeted him your website – if you don’t mind – with the hope that he’ll see this, maybe maybe maybe understand the English, and answer! =) El mejor sitio de fans de Puyi!

    • orangerie says:

      hey, thanks! was a little sad about the game last night. i woke up to watch it and the score was 2-0 already. heart sank, but kind of expected it because betis was bound to come out strong and we had a hole in our defense. i dozed off and dreamt that we had lost 7-1, so it was sort of a relief to find out it was only 3-1. i guess if we needed to lose, this would have been the best way — to a deserving team that worked hard, and still not losing out on a title. life on the pitch isn’t the same without puyi!

  3. cule de corazon says:

    I love the questions that you came up with. The hair cuts however, would be terrifying. He’s curls suit him wonderfully. I’ve always wondered what he does with all the shirts he “exchanges”. I hope that you do get to ask him this questions, but when you do let me know so that I can be there too!!!

  4. Cule de corazón says:

    Yeah we can!!! and what a wonderful dream that is :-)!!!!

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