today puyi didn’t join the squad during training; instead he focused on treatment for his left knee.  this is a translation of an article in el mundo deportivo:

The importance of Carles Puyol at FC Barcelona was evident in the medical summit held yesterday afternoon at the Hospital Quirón de Barcelona. It was attended by Dr. Ramon Cugat, consultant of FC Barcelona and the physician chosen by the Barca captain (he was the surgeon who operated on the same knee in 2007); Dr. Ramon Canal, head of medical services of FC Barcelona; Dr. Pruna, head physician for the FCB first team; Dr. Medina, assistant to Dr. Pruna; and Lorenzo Buenaventura, trainer of the Barça first team.  Naturally, also in attendance was the Barca captain to review and explain his symptoms in person.

Cugat, Canal and Pruna, as heads of their respective fields, took the lead in the meeting. After examining the Puyol’s left leg, they decided to choose the conservative path and chose to go every day to monitor the evolution of football player without pronouncing a final medical prognosis. This was agreed on because they do not wish to put time pressure.

At all times, Puyol exhibited the courage and good humor that is his character, and although he was interested in the time of his recovery, he understood perfectly that it is best not to set a deadline for returning to work so as not to hinder their recovery work, and also, so as not to be disappointed if it will last longer than originally planned.  Dr Cugat will visit Puyol after three or four days to personally monitor his progress.

We wish you all the best, Puyi!


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