el capitan joins the chorus of barca players giving their glowing opinions about pep.  he follows up on his earlier thoughts about pep’s contract renewal, and echoes him teammates’ sentiments about barca being inconceivable without pep.  i must say it makes me smile from ear to ear when i read about how much our team — from our longtime captain to our season’s new signings — are united behind their mister 🙂  just a few snippets after the jump, by their order in our plantilla —

*my favorite is adriano’s 🙂

#1:  vice captain victor valdes arribas – (last week) “i have no doubt that the mister will renew.  i’ve always expressed my desire that he continue for as many years as possible for the good of all“… (and more recently) “we are more prepared to take risks and if that works, then there are more goals to be had.  barca have grown under guardiola

#2:  daniel alves da silva – (late last year) “what the boss tells us always influences us. what he gets across to us, what he says…he’s always right. he’s got very clear ideas, he’s an optimist and he makes you believe him. he’s the best coach i’ve ever had or will have

#3:  gerard pique bernabeu – (2 weeks ago) “he doesn’t just give you orders, he also explains why. that makes you a better footballer because you learn the reasoning behind his instructions. that gives everything meaning… i love the fact that even when the team’s not winning and he receives criticism, he sticks to his guns. he’s a coach who doesn’t let what’s going on around him get to him

#5:  captain carles puyol saforcada – (3 weeks ago) “pep will continue… it is what the team wants“… (and this week) “the boss is the perfect manager for us. everything is working… i can’t imagine barça without pep… he was important as a player, but as a manager he’s even better.

#6:  vice captain xavi hernandez creus – (late last year) “even putting aside all the titles he’s already won as barça coach, pep has already created a legacy“… (and early this year) “pep has always been my reference, and i’m proud of that. he is an excellent person and an extraordinary coach”… (and yesterday) “i have no doubt that guardiola will continue.  i cannot perceive a barca without him, he is the key to everything we have here… pep has revolutionized football.  he has set the bar very high and i have learned a lot from him

#7:  david villa sanchez – (yesterday) “there are few people who are as “cule” as the boss.  everybody that loves barça would like him to renew his contract as soon as possible

trophy king

#8:  vice captain andres iniesta lujan – (last week) “he is the key figure.  he came at the moment when we needed him. he is the reason why we got what we got.  he’s important to us.  he came from la masia, he knows us, he understands us

#9 bojan krkic perez – (late last year) “anyone who loves the club will want the mister to renew

#10 lionel andres messi – (earlier this year) “i cannot conceive of a barca without pep“… “i don’t care when he wants to renew his contract, as long as he renews

just sign it, pep!

*nothing from jeffren, pinto and masche lately*

#15:  seydou keita – (earlier this year) “i learned a lot from him. the most important thing here is to work and to be humble. if you have respect for your work, your colleagues, the fans, the club, the shirt … without work and humility, you cannot win. in addition to being a very good coach, pep is a very good person. managing a team like barca today is not easy.”

#16:  sergio busquets burgos – (earlier this year) “he’s the coach, the boss, and everyone respects him… there is a great atmosphere in the dressing room and there he is not only the coach, but also one of the group.”

*nothing from pedro, milito, maxwell and afellay lately*

#21:  adriano correia claro – (late last year) “when i was a kid and i used to watch barca play, i couldn’t believe how good guardiola was; for me he was a real star. now that i’ve met him, i can only say good things about him – he’s such a great person. dani alves and keita had both told me he was,  and now i have found that out for myself. he treats us really well, he’s like a father figure to us – the relationship we have with him is really good and very open, which helps to make us stronger as a group

*nothing from abidal lately*


update:  this just in from abidal – pep guardiola is the best coach i’ve ever known 🙂



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