we meet again, hercules.

not so long ago, barca fans the world over got the shock of the season when our boys succumbed to a wily hercules at the camp nou.  our three new players — villa, adriano and mascherano — all got a taste of a bitter home defeat.  doubters and naysayers went crazy with doomsday predictions about how pep had mismanaged the summer signings, how our players were too tired, how our years of glory would end just as quickly as they began.

last time, puyi wasn’t in the squad list due to injury.  tomorrow, he will be absent again.  not having him on the pitch always makes me nervous about goals being scored against us, but after our 5-0 win against almeria, i hope the boys will travel to alicante with confidence.  as for our defense, please watch out for trezeguet and especially valdez — 2 goals against us is enough for a lifetime, in my opinion.  bring home the 3 points!


here’s a translation of the new entry on puyi’s blog:

thursday, 27 january 2011

hello everyone!! continuing the good run of the team in both the league and the copa del rey; in the league we have pushed forward with the two fixtures we’ve had at home against racing santander and malaga after winning 4-1 and 3-0.
and yesterday for the copa, we achieved a very good result, 5-0, one step closer to reaching the cup final, which as i’ve always said is one of the most beautiful games to play because of the number of  fans who go to support the team.
about my injury, every day is better, we scheduled a week of rest and i feel that i am getting better.


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  1. Gladys says:

    I have the same worries about goals with Puyi out. Must remain confident, though, and let him get better. Can’t wait to watch Saturday’s game, though I will miss that wild head of hair flying around on my poor resolution online feed.

    • orangerie says:

      haha! sometimes the strikers and midfielders all look the same when i watch online 🙂 but congrats to pep and the squad! 3-nil, and another 3 points in the table!

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