that means we are getting closer and closer to puyi’s projected recovery date.  still waiting for you to suprise us all (again) with your superhuman speedy self-healing skills, puyi! 

the good news is that there have been no setbacks in the recovery schedule.  his most recent tweet was to thank his physiotherapist after a treatment session, and he also blogged about feeling better.  well the day that he’s given medical clearance can’t come quick enough — credit to our team for keeping our winning streak alive, but i’m just not as excited to watch games when el capitan is not even on the bench.  hope he gets better soon!

in the meantime, i want to share 3 boy-will-be-boys photos from more than a decade ago — they made my day!

i love you in jeans and a tshirt, puyi, but THOSE jeans are a sin! (same goes for you, xavi!)


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  1. Ishay says:

    Hello! Where did you find these gems? Love it…and the 31 tribute to Xavi. Had a big smile looking at those pics.

  2. Ida says:

    Maybe they did it, just to see what happened 🙂 I know it’s not a part of your blog, but don’t they live together?

    • orangerie says:

      that’s what i was thinking too, maybe they made a bet on how quickly twitter stalkers (like me, haha) would notice… yes, a lot of papers/tabloids have reported that they live together. anyway, i do hope everything’s fine, they were kinda beginning to grow on me. barcastuff’s tweet prompted me to check her twitter page (bad, i know!) and i found out she supports animal welfare (always a plus for me)… anyway, it’s their business i guess, and bottomline for me is that i don’t want anything to distract puyi from his recovery 🙂

  3. Ida says:

    Agreed, he can be with whoever he want as long as he do his thing (by thing I mean take off his shirt 🙂 ) on the pitch. I really think it was a bet or something because they are following each other again. On Twitter you can follow people without being a stalker 🙂

    • orangerie says:

      “as long as he do his thing (by thing I mean take off his shirt 🙂 ) ” – LOL! i thought it was defending, but yes, this is much more important! haha!

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