prayers are answered, and quickly too 🙂

puyi’s recovery has been gradual but progressive, and there have been a lot of encouraging updates about his treatment.  just a few minutes ago, he tweeted about feeling better and being able to increase his workload since yesterday.  great!  he may be ready by the time we face sporting, but pep might choose to reserve his services for the ucl game against arsenal.

in copa del rey news, it appears that pep has decided to bring the entire first team (including injured puyi, iniesta and jeffren) to almeria for the second leg of the semifinals.  all in all, he will travel with 22 players, including barça b boys thiago and nolito.  yay for pep and for team solidarity 🙂

since there have been no photos snapped of puyi recently, i want to share this old clip from el follonero jordi evole’s salvados — it shows the frantic/tragic/euphoric atmosphere at the 2008/09 copa del rey final, where  puyi lifted his first trophy of the treble year, his first copa del rey trophy ever.  the music as he celebrates just kills me!  until now, that remains his only copa del rey as captain… and this year, i feel that a second one is well within reach!  visca el barça!!

*note about the video:  after barça’s 4-1 win, el follonero wanders around the pitch and asks players if they’re wearing the “salvados” t-shirt underneath their jersey.  at 3:13, puyi lifts his shirt up and jokes about it 🙂

*note about the copa del rey:  although barça have won the copa del rey for the most number of times (25), puyi has only won it once since being promoted to the first team.  since he and xavi are the most senior, that goes for everyone else as well.  the last time barcelona won it before the 08/09 season was more than a decade earlier, 97/98 — and at that time, pep was captain (but because of injuries, figo was captain during the final)

*note about the blog: from now on, i resolve to use the proper letter c when spelling barça – easy as alt 135 🙂


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