a lot of tweets from el capitan!  careful, puyi — you can get tendonitis in your fingers too, you know 🙂

yesterday, he tweeted another shuarma recommendation – his acoustic album.

then he tweeted about his treatment sessions with juanjo brau, that he felt good after the sessions, and that you’d think they were novios (uh-huh..) because they were together the whole day 🙂  then there was a “good night”, a “good morning”, and the most important tweet of all for today, a “happy birthday” to @3gerardpique 🙂  

puyi+pique gallery after the jump 🙂

i’m posting 24 pictures because gerard turns 24 today (although if we consider their emotional age, 12 might be enough 🙂  )


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3 responses »

  1. Ida says:

    Love the pics!! They really hug a lot!

  2. cule de corazon says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures – they’re awesome!!!

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