yesterday, puyi flew to almeria with the rest of the team to witness barça’s qualification for the copa del rey final. 

puyi on the plane


disadvantage of having a captain who is impervious to the weather: we don't get to see him rock this pink jacket 😦

pep and our star-studded bench watched as adriano, thiago and afellay (and pinto) gave us a 0-3 victory and an aggregate score of 8 goals scored and no goals conceded.  wow, 8-0 twice so far this year has got to hurt for almeria 😦

the game had some shaky moments, but the goals were impressive — defender adriano sweeping forward and outsmarting almeria’s defense, thiago’s header sending the ball on a beautiful arc to the goal, and afellay’s swift and powerful kick — it’s so hard to pick a favorite!  highlight of the game for me = capita milito!! immensely happy for him 🙂

no puyi in this video, but i absolutely loved pep’s reaction after thiago’s goal 🙂

congratulations, barcelona boys!! the cup is within reach!!


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