but before that – vicente del bosque has released the list of players called up for the friendly against colombia, and puyi is not on it.  at first i was a bit disappointed; there are so few international fixtures and we’re still slowly inching towards the 100-game tally.  but i guess it’s just as well that he wasn’t called up — we all remember what happened the last time.  better to have him fully recover than risk extending his recovery time.

anyway, on to la liga.  tomorrow, we face atletico.  granted they haven’t been putting out inspired performanced lately, pep is always respectful of our opponents and i’m sure he will not take this match lightly, even with our 7-point cushion.  yes, let me say that again:  seven-point cushion.  i hope our boys don’t have the false sense of security that i’m enjoying right now.  

only five words for tomorrow’s mantra:  “keep-ufjalusi-away-from-messi.”  repeat 2000x.

although i’m still hoping for one of those miracle-recoveries that puyi does, odds are he won’t be playing tomorrow.  shame, i would have wanted a repeat of this:

kun and forlan in awe of our mighty captain.  he’s just 5 million kinds of amazing 🙂  get well soon, puyi!


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  1. MJ says:

    I hope he’ll get well soon as well!
    It’s great that I’ve found your web blog! I do really love Puyi and extremely happy to find someone like you. I’ll come to your blog as much as I can. Thanks for sharing every stuff. It’s precious. 🙂

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