captain of champions

sadly, our captain has not recovered in time to make it to london.  i have nagging pangs of doubt about our defense, especially since this match promises to be extremely intense.  arsenal are surely looking to get revenge for last year’s elimination, and more importantly for their painful 2006 loss at the stade de france.  and with all the cesc drama that never seems to die down, i think we couldn’t have drawn a more controversial team to go up against.  but even if there’s no love lost between cules and gooners, there is i think a deep mutual respect for the game.  arsenal may be our epl match, and i think we’re going to have some beautiful football tonight. 

… which makes me sad all over again that puyi won’t be there.  the good news is that he has been recovering consistently, and has been training with señor brau regularly.  hopefully, he will be in tiptop shape for the return leg.  to drown my sorrows, i’m taking a stroll down memory lane to revisit the best barcelona-arsenal match in recent history:  the champions league final in paris, where barça’s new capita carles puyol led a team that brought glory to barcelona, to catalunya and to spain.

this is my favorite video of the journey to barcelona’s 2nd ucl trophy (although the last song is pretty funny — i’ll take it as a “cule” thing); love the die-hard fan at 7:03 🙂

and here’s a longer video of just the final.  captain puyi vs captain henry (which maybe explains why arsenal is so possessive of cesc  🙂  )…victor valdes with a full head of hair and a green kit that kind of blends with the pitch (camouflage?)… ronaldinho and eto’0 working their magic… and that glorious goal from larsson to belletti that electrified the stands

get well soon, puyi! (and jeffren!)

p.s.  good luck team and congratulations thiago 🙂


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