2 – 1.  could have been better.  also could have been worse.  i think we deserved the 2 goals against us in the 2nd half, but i also think we deserved more than just one goal in the 1st half.

pique is out for the return leg, making puyi’s recovery all the more pressing.  four more la liga games from today until the 8th of march, including athletic bilbao and valencia.  that’s a lot of sleepless nights for me.

anyway, here’s a small consolation prize for puyol fans:

*gasp!!* no diesel underwear peeking out? did our commander go commando?!


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  1. MJ says:

    Yeah, it was what I’m worried too.
    Yesterday evening I’ve read your last entry and the fear came to my mind because I agreed with you! So, when the match ended, I just missed el Capital more and more. It’s so heartbreaking 😦

  2. westcoastcule says:

    The wall that is Puyi and his leadership on the pitch was sorely sorely sorely missed today! He never turns off until the whistle is blown and that kind of attitude was NOT shown in the 2nd half by the other players, nor by Pep in my opinion. *sighs* 2-1 is a loss but it can be redeemed. Hope all our players get some rest, and that Puyi starts playing very very soon.
    VISCA BARCA!!! We can do this!

    thanks for the picture btw! especially loved the caption!!! much needed humor after that tense game!

  3. Ida says:

    “did our commander go commando?!” Don’t write stuff like that 🙂 Now all I can think about is if Puyi is naked underneath those shorts, but they are better than thinking about last nights brain burp!

  4. cule de corazon says:

    Arsenal did their homework very well and pretty much blocked Messi. Villa did good by scoring on the first half of the game. I kept hoping to the end that the team would win, but was not able to. I hope that Puyi is ale to play at the next Barca game, maybe sooner :-)!!!

  5. orangerie says:

    hopefully we will all get some good news soon 🙂

  6. Gladys says:

    I don’t mean to be such a worrier but what is up with Puyi’s knee?! He’s such a superhuman he-man that I’m upset we aren’t hearing anything. No adorable tweets from him telling us he’s getting better every day. Loved seeing him and Victor in the stands on Sunday, but he didn’t really seem like his usual self (albeit, it was a tense game). Sorry. I don’t mean to be starting rumors. Just want him back. Maybe the world’s foremost orthopedist is a Barca fan and, if so, can he or she just fly the heck over there and regenerate that bionic man. Puyi is truly loved and truly missed by us all.

    • orangerie says:

      it’s the same knee that he had surgery on a few years back, so i guess they don’t want to take any chances… but i know how you feel. it’s frustrating. everyday i wake up and search expectantly for good news regarding his recovery, and i feel sick when i can’t find any updates. anyway, someone somewhere in the universe has heard your prayers, because puyi has been tweeting again about his recovery treatments 🙂 it’s also great timing that they have no midweek game this week, so the whole squad can rest a bit. here’s hoping they’ll all be fit by our next game!

    • orangerie says:

      oh and he just posted his first MOC MOC in 10 days! he must be feeling a lot better, haha! 🙂

  7. Cule de corazón says:

    I think that MOC MOC is good sign, I hope he’s feeling better!

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