february really must be cursed for barça, because we’ve just suffered another injury.  our captains are down –  first puyi, then valdes, and now xavi 😦

we can look at things optimistically, as this will give pep a chance for some long-overdue rotating for the squad…   on saturday, we are facing mallorca, and i think pep can give masch, adriano, afellay and bojan a little more playing time. but please! no more injuries!

last capita standing: the squad is in your hands, inieste!


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  1. Gladys says:

    Love Don Andres as El Capitan! On a random note, I had a strange dream last night in which I gave Puyi back his stolen bike in a cardboard box, all the while trying to communicate in horribly broken Spanish that I hadn’t taken it. He treated me like I was some crazy stalker. Was the bike some sort of metaphor for his knee? He needs to get better so I can stop worrying about the team. (Or at least have better dreams about them.)

    • orangerie says:

      can’t imagine what you felt upon waking 🙂 yes they need to get better… i’m not sure but i think messi is injured as well 😦 what is happening?!!

  2. Gladys says:

    Oh no, not Leo!!! I hope it’s just a rumor (though you always seem to have the inside story). Apparently Villa was going to miss Wednesday’s game due to a court date but I think that’s been cleared up. Will February just go away! It seems to be a cursed month (I say this, and yet they’re still at the top of the La Liga table).

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