yesterday, puyi and jeffren joined the squad during training!! yay!!!  looks like both of them will be ready for our league game against zaragoza.  i hope they don’t pick up any new injuries, especially in the next few days… i can’t wait for the ucl tie!

puyi tweeted this after training yesterday:  Hoy 1er entrenamiento con el equipo. Muy contento, muchas gracias a tod@s x el apoyo. Un abrazo

un abrazo to you too, capita!  he also tweeted the following photo of a new book by risto mejide, but i got a little bit distracted by the background:

is that your pillow, puyi?

photos from the training session after the jump

those bouncy curls have been sorely missed!

p.s.  VV remains injured, but might be ok in time for our match against arsenal.  but our february curse has claimed a last-minute victim 😦  pep is KO because of a herniated disc.  get well soon, pretty boys!


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  1. Gladys says:

    Woohoooo!!!! At last! And thanks for the pix and the funny book cover image. One of the (many) things I adore about Puyi is that he seems to have others interests. The friends, music, food, book tweets always make smile.

    On the injury front, I read somewhere that Pinto might have a muscle tear. Is this true? If so, who’ll be our GK on Saturday? (And he’s been doing such a fantastic job. I hope it’s not true.)

  2. westcoastcule says:

    just want to say HEY! and YEEEES! We’re through!!!
    definitely was hoping Puyi would be back by now, but cheer up! now hopefully we’ll get to see him play in the quarterfinals, and reunited with Pique!!!
    VISCA BARCA! hope you’re well!!!

    • orangerie says:

      thank you and yay! congrats to all of us! i just uploaded my post about the game — whew! that was something!! haven’t been able to sit still from all the endorphins!!

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