the other night, puyi received his check for 100000 euros for being voted captain of uefa’s team of the year.  el capitan donated his prize to the international committee of the red cross, who shall then use the money to fund rehabilitation programs for land mine victims.

 “I am greatly honoured to be voted the users’ Team of the Year 2010 captain. I realise how privileged I am not just to play football but simply to have my health and two good legs. I am happy to make this contribution to do something to help people less fortunate than me and hope it can go some way to improving their quality of life.”

i love our captain!!

oh yeah, and i almost forgot — there was a game that night as well 🙂  more on that after the jump

that match!  it was 2 million kinds of amazing!  the only thing that could have made it better was if puyi had been on the pitch, but seeing him mesmerized in the stands is enough


it took me an entire day to finally get over my endorphins, sit still and write a post about that match.  the atmosphere at the camp nou must have been electric.  i have been swamped with work for the past month or so, and i haven’t had much time to devote to following barça (and really, not having puyi play is just disheartening) — but my god! that game just made my world stop.

our 11 players on the pitch were on fire!  adriano finally in the starting lineup made me so happy, and his movement up and down the pitch was incredible.  and masch – monster masch was a titan!  he was a powerhouse out there, and that last slide that denied arsenal a shot at glory — that was epic!  i jumped out of my seat and stopped biting my nails long enough to say “that’s so puyi!!”

what it must have been like for puyi and pique to watch that display!  they must have been so proud of their team.  dani alves and abidal were superb as usual, and i really love that dani took time to comfort poor busquets after that own goal.  he must have been crushed!  but it says a lot about how good a player he is that no one has made him feel like a loser for it.  he was great in the backline, even though he was not playing his usual position.

villa and pedro were great as well.  pressuring and pressuring, advancing over and over again!  what they lacked in finishing, they more than made up for in the exhaustion and frustration they brought upon arsenal’s defense.  and xavi, iniesta and messi — there are simply no words to describe how unbelievable they are.  i’ve watched messi’s first goal more than 20 times and i’m still in awe.  iniesta with his brilliant eye for opportunities and xavi with usual maestro magic.

the only person who didn’t have much to do was (as always) valdes, but he still completed more passes than nasri.  almunia, on the other hand, deserves a hero’s welcome back in london — if it weren’t for him saving one shot after another, the scoreline would have been more reflective of how the game really went.  here’s a video of the highlights:

before i end, i want to share what my commentators said about pep during his celebratory arm-flailing for messi’s first goal —  he said that pep had been in and out of hospital for a bad back, probably from lifting all those trophies 🙂

tooooot el camp *clap clap clap*….


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  1. Gladys says:

    Love your game analysis! It was such a nail-biter! And Masch was amazing. Have to admit with Puyi out lately, he’s my new macho Barca crush. Hope there’s room for both of them on the pitch when Puyi gets better. (And as for Puyi’s comment about the check for charity…isn’t that just like him? There’s a heart five times the normal size in that massive ribcage. Sigh.)

    • orangerie says:

      i could just imagine him saying it, with his adorable shoulder shrugs that seem to be his mannerism during interviews 🙂 god the stress of that game must have taken a few years off my life! i’m so happy it’s over and that we won!!
      agre with you 100% on mascherano — he’s a lean mean defensive machine!!

  2. cule de corazon says:

    Definitely got love the captain!!!
    The boys awesome in the game, Arsenal had to do a lot of defending on their side of the field! How I would love to go to the camp nou and see our team live. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the games and for taking the time doing the research that you do. I look forward to reading your blog after the games. 🙂

    • orangerie says:

      thanks! it is my dream to watch them play at the camp nou as well… a couple of years ago, i went there and i saw bojan and pique on their way to training but sadly no puyi 😦 seeing him on the pitch would be the greatest thing 🙂

  3. Ida says:

    I was there! And when Puyi came on the pitch. I was like: LOOK LOOK IT’S PUYI!! And my partner was bying drinks so I said it to the guy next to me and he was smiling and being all like: It’s Puyi… (I think he was a tourist as well)
    It was so great! I was so scared, but the players did really really well. And the atmosphere was AMAZING!!
    When Messi scored on that penalty I almost cried cuz it was the biggest thing ever!

    • Ida says:

      I forgot to tell you, that I bought a Puyi-teddy bear thing! It’s from barcatoons and when you squeezes his hand he plays the hymn! I sleep with him every night.

    • orangerie says:

      wow you are so lucky!!! it must have been so fantastic to see him in person! i can just imagine it took all kinds of self control to keep you from running down and hugging him hahaha!!

  4. Ida says:

    I didn’t think of doing that, I was kind of in a OMG it’s Puyi mode 🙂 And we sat on the lower part of third stand, so it was a long way down to him…

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