after weeks and weeks of very little puyi-related news, i thank total barça for alerting me to this interview with chiggy on shakhtar’s official site:

and i quote:  staying beside Pique and Puyol, I can say they are very strong players. As for Puyol, he is a professional to the core …

damn right! and what a fantastic core that is!

dear capita, you are sorely sorely missed.  the only thing good about you missing international break is that you can’t come back injured 😦  looking forward to seeing you take your place in the blaugrana starting eleven — soon i hope!


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  1. cule de corazon says:

    I’m looking forward to Puyi being in the starting line up too!

  2. MJ says:

    I miss him so bad, too 😦 Miss him every day. I can say that my feeling drops more than little bit when seeing Barca plays every match without el capitan!

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