it’s been more than two months since that damned inflammation first set in and prevented us from beholding our beloved captain on the pitch.  my fingers are still crossed that he will miraculously play against shakhtar, just hoping against hope 😦  come to think of it, i’ve done that for every game that he’s missed, and i lost count a while back.  get well soon, puyi!!

the worst thing about being injured for a long time is that after a while, there’s very little mention of it in the news.  the last update came from sport i think, and they claim that he’ll be ready by next week — but at this point, to see is to believe.  anyway, i was very happy to come across these five subtitled videos with puyi in them; it feels like it’s been ages since he’s been tv.  the first four are from xavi’s 550th game tribute from tv3, and the other is from informe robinson’s feature on pique.  enjoy!

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well, as long as i’m posting videos…. here’s one of my favorite tv features, a montage of highlights from the year of barcelona’s six cups.  pep in tears always tugs at my heartstrings!  my favorite parts – puyi’s amazing form in midair for his goal at the bernabeu and my favorite captains puyi and VV locked in un abrazo fuerte.


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