it is not often that i agree with articles on, but i think this piece from paul macdonald is spot on.

VV has had more than his usual share of the limelight these past weeks, and i think we can all agree that it’s because our defense is a little shaky.  i love our team, and i am so thankful that we have pulled through for two months without our master defender;  it is no easy feat to fill in the gaps with so many of them injured, and pep has done a great job, but… yes, there’s always that nagging “but”.  and until puyi is back on the pitch, there will always be more anxiety about each game than i’d prefer to have.

my favorite parts:

Puyol may lack an element of refinement in a team positively bristling with ability on the ball, but his uncompromising approach comes with in-built organisational skills that when at full capacity make Barca a well-oiled unit across the back, but when removed from the equation are conspicuous in their absence.

Full-backs Alves and Adriano both suffered momentary lapses against Shakhtar and almost cost their side dearly. Puyol simply doesn’t allow for such errors on his watch, and if Barcelona are to complete a second Triplete within the space of three seasons, having their captain back among their ranks could prove a necessity.


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