well, here it is:

it says “united – the same values – teamwork, dedication and solidarity”… simple enough, but can be construed as suggesting one manita for each of the 5 clasicos we will probably have this season.  yikes! 

our fine specimen of a keeper also added some fuel to fire last night during his appearance at andreu buenafuente’s show.  reviewing the madrid-barcelona statistics, the host said that blancos have historically won more games than the blaugranas, to which vv quipped — “those games were in black & white or in color?”  oooohhhhh… [moc moc!]

puyi also contributed to buenafuente’s line of questioning, and it’s just additional proof that our captain can be mischievous when he wants to be.  before the show, buenafuente asked for possible topics to discuss with valdes, and puyi tweeted to ask him about manolo escobar during the world cup celebration.  manolo escobar is a spanish singer who participated in the world cup party in madrid, where he was manhandled by vv and ramos… did i mention he’s pushing 80 years old?  videos of the event in question and the interview after the jump 🙂


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