el capitan turned 33 yesterday, and here are 33 things i absolutely love about him:

1.  abs – actually i can just list “abs” 33 times, they’re 33 million kinds of amazing.

2.  listens to cheesy music from dani martin and shuarma

more after the jump

3.  has mastered the mid-air power pose (complete with whip-my-hair coolness)

i love this.

4.  always a class act

5.  fierce gameface!

6.  great with kids

7.  that marvelous mop of hair!!

8.  such a sweetie pie!! every time i see a photo of him giving the gamper to ronaldinho, i get a little teary-eyed!

9.  the come-hither look (yum!)

10.  the deep green eyes

11.  always looks so dashing in a suit

12.  will take his shirt off even when no one else will (even in icy weather!!)

13.  does yoga and pilates


…. i always drift into unconsciousness when i see that photo 😉  where were we?

14.  rocks the t-shirt and jeans

15.  the cute attempts at speaking english

16.  wears pink… a lot.

that bicep. wow.

17.  group hugs

18.  the high kicks

19.  oooohhhh. moc moc.

20.  is kind of a shy guy

21.  solid defense

22.  watches basketball (with the kids)

23.  serious when serious counts

24.  shares what’s on his ipod

25.  is always early for training

26.  the tattoos, and the fact that he put them in places that he can CHOOSE to cover

27.  man enough to wear purple pants in a photo shoot

28.  loves his armband

29.  has a gentle smile 🙂

30.  likes crackovia!!

31.  is a tease and doesn’t know it (or does he?)

32.  looks great in whatever color kit barcelona has him wear — bright orange, neon orange, bright yellow, super bright yellow, mint green, turquoise, etc.

33.  and last but not least — he met the queen in a towel.


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  1. Gladys says:

    Oh my! I knew you’d come through with something terrific in honor of his birthday! (I especially love the last two. ) Thanks so much. And happy 33rd lovely Puyi! He just keeps getting better with age. :):):)

  2. cule de corazon says:

    33 fabulous reasons…..specially the deep green eyes and the soft gentle smile!

    Happy birthday captain!

  3. westcoastcule says:

    all 33 of these (and there’s more, i’m sure) are perfect! the 3rd picture is AWESOME, almost unreal! thanks for sharing all of this! ♥♥♥♥♥
    I MISS PUYIIIIII!!!!! Let’s all wish that he’ll be back strong and SOON!

  4. Gata says:

    oh 33 x yes to number 33!!! 🙂

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