… and our captain was a monster on the pitch!  after 3 long months of recovery, puyi showed the world what it means to defend barcelona’s colors and what it takes to be a captain.  i’m sure i wasn’t the only one beaming with pride (and a little teary-eyed) last night when he walked onto the pitch!

it was a pity that he had to be subbed out midway through the second half, but let’s all hope that he’ll be back for the copa del rey final.  i think our boys were a little relaxed during the game, not really pressing, but maybe that’s just me.  kudos to valdes and adriano for their spectacular saves, and also congratulations adriano and afellay on their first clasico!  masche, i’m eagerly awaiting your clasico debut 🙂  lastly, congratulations to messi for his first goal against mourinho, and to pep for maintaining his unbeaten streak of 6 clasicos!  visca el barça!!!

more after the jump

a lot has been written about this game, but i like this one from el pais:  http://www.elpais.com/articulo/deportes/hora/Puyol/mucho/elpepudep/20110417elpepudep_6/Tes

quotes from puyi’s vice-captains regarding his return –

valdes:  i was proud that the captain has been with us at the bernabeu, and hopefully he can play with us in valencia.

iniesta:  i’ve missed him so much

and my favorite, from xavi:  when i look back and see him, i feel that it’s impossible that anything bad will happen to us.

mte, xavi 🙂

some photos and a video:

i've missed this so much!

i can see your muscles through your shirt, puyi.


don't leave me puyi! i'm not the same without you!

medics forcing the capitan to lie down on the stretcher

pep seems hopeful that puyi will recover in time for the cdr; he was subbed out as a precaution because he had some discomfort in his hamstring.

here’s a video of messi’s goal — love the hug from puyi!!


bonus:  here’s video of our last 1-1 draw, 5 years ago 🙂


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  1. westcoastcule says:

    Puyol was SPECTACULAR last night! I think a lot of fans feel the same way Xavi does about El Capita. With all his heart, he defends Barça colors. Seeing Puyi out there was definitely the best part of yesterday’s game.
    STAY STRONG Capita Cinco! See you on Wednesday! Visca Barça!

  2. Cule de corazón says:

    El capitan certainly gives his heart and soul in every game that he plays, and this one was no exception!!! I’m glad that he is back on his game, doing what he loves to do, play soccer.
    I eco what Xavi said!!
    Capi, until we meet again, stay strong!!!!

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