or the closest thing we have to it.  here’s a poster that hangs framed in the hallowed halls of la masia – a marker for a generation that spawned champions of spain, champions of europe and champions of the world.

there’s only one person there with a fluffy head of hair, and he’s just the cutest!! 🙂 beside him is pepe reina, on the opposite side is iniesta (who looks like a 6-year-old) and down below in black is fellow cutie victor valdes

*just trying to get my mind off wednesday (or according to iniesta’s facebook, wendsday)


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  1. cule de corazon says:

    They all look just adorable!!!

  2. Gladys says:

    Wait, isn’t Puyi 6 or 7 years older than Pepe and Don Andres? Was he 19 in that picture? Adorable. It’s like he’s the House Father or something. At any rate, fully adorable picture of them all. Thanks.

    • orangerie says:

      yes, he’s 6 years older than iniesta, but he also joined la masia relatively late (17) while iniesta joined when he was 12… he was 18 or 19 in this photo 🙂

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