today, our squad gets the day off so that they can ponder upon their existence and realize that they are not mere specks of dust in the universe.  valdes can look back on his magnificent saves and make some room in his house for his next zamora.  pinto can practice how he will whip his braids at the mestalla so that he can look like a modern-day samson between the goal posts.  dani and adriano can teach fontas, maxwell and milito the official defenders-can-score dance.  pique can carry on with his usual nonsense.  xavi can reflect on why he still doesn’t have a twitter account.   iniesta, messi and pedro can practice how they will celebrate their goals for the clasicos, while villa can explore the benefits of hypnosis against a goal drought.  jeffren can give bojan and abidal some pointers on how to cope with injury, while keiteee and busi can cope with the awesomeness of being in guardiola’s midfield.  masch can practice his gameface and non-yellow-card tackles, and at the same time teach ibi some spanish.  and puyi — puyi can stare at his armband and dream of how amazing it would be to lift some trophies again!

obviously, all this idle time is giving me a wave of clasico-induced hysteria.  no more nonsense after the jump

yesterday, puyi was asked some questions about the liga clasico and the upcoming games.  here’s a link to the article on the official site:

we have no news yet about his participation in wednesday’s madness at the mestalla, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed! based on the photos from the recovery session, i’d say he still has his superpowers 🙂

what's with the sleeves puyi?


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