and just like that, we’re on our way to wembley!!!

i was so ecstatic watching the game last night, because i missed the first one due to my work schedule.  and because of all the bile and vitriol spewed forth by the madrid press, i chose not to write about it.  useless adding fuel to an ugly fire.

this memory is enough

so, on to the second game…

camp nou was epic.  minutes before the game, there was still talk of postponing the match because of the rain and thunderstorms.  conspiracy theorists can now include mother nature in their list of barcelona’s secret helpers, because the pitch was absolutely drenched.  despite the weather, the stadium was filled to capacity, and cules of every shape and size joined in supporting the club.  pep was his usual ubercool self, and our side was calm as we dominated posession.  the blancos were lucky to still have eleven men at the half; i don’t think it’s even a question that carvalho should have been sent off.  but we’re not really the type to complain, are we? 🙂

my favorite parts of the game:

1.  el capitan walking onto the pitch

2.  puyi and masch playing brilliantly in their new positions

3.  pedro’s goal

4.  jimmy jump in #22 🙂

5.  puyi/abi sub — tearjerker!

the return of the king

6.  celebrations on the field (wet-shirt puyi versus shirtless puyi? so hard to choose!)

all in all, a great result for puyi’s 100th champions league clash.  congrats, capita!! to wembley!!!!!

let's do this!


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  1. Gladys says:

    My match feed was terrible. Do you know how Puyi ended up shirtless? Did he exchange with an RM player? (I had this fantasy that everyone would actually get along in the end.) Or did it just spontaneously combust off his awesome body?

    (Thanks for the post, as always! That photo of sweet little Pedro roaring like a yeti is adorable.)

  2. cule de corazon says:

    It was great to see abidal back on the field after the huge ordeal he just went through.
    I think you were right by not adding more fuel to the fire. Some things were done that should not have been done, fortunately things have settled down now.
    Congrats Capitan for your 100th Champions League game!!

    • orangerie says:

      wasn’t abidal just heartwarming? i was kind of worried when they started tossing him up in the air because it might be too soon after the surgery, but he looked really happy! can’t wait to see him playing more minutes!

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