some highlights from el capitan’s impromptu presser yesterday.  pique was supposed to face the press, but was held back at the last minute for anti-doping tests (again?!).

on the league:  people think that the liga has been won, but it has not.  if we can, we want to clinch this as soon as possible.

on his possible 3rd liga trophy under pep:  whenever you win a trophy, it should be celebrated, moreso the liga, which is difficult and deserves the importance and value that it carries.

on espanyol:  surely they will come with much eagerness to win.  they have a very good team, and it will be difficult.

on being fit for wembley: we have to go day by day.  i’ve had three months when I haven’t been able to play, there have been some intense matches and I’ve had some hamstring problems.  we take into account, day by day, what is best for me and what is needed by the team.

on chicharito and rooney:  yes, i know javier hernandez; we have faced each other in a match between mexico and spain… he is a very dangerous player in a team that can play football, and play it well… with high-quality players like rooney who works hard in the field, has great vision, and is always a danger when approaching the box.

on abidal:  the best triumph that we can have is that abi will be with us again.  to go through a diesease like that and still be as he is, that’s something only he can do.

on accusations against barcelona:  i do not like that we have been accused of
some things… i do not like that we’ve been accused of theatrics.

video here (complete with the shoulder shrugs i adore so much!)


puyi also retweeted the following quote from ifilosofia:  Si estamos unidos nada será imposible. Si estamos divididos todo fracasará… (Winston Churchill) = if we are united, nothing is impossible.  if we are divided, all will fail.

tall guys can high-5 🙂


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