what a great birthday gift for don andres! finally, after months of hard work and spectacular football, the liga trophy is ours.  that’s three for three under pep, our humble genius 🙂

i have to admit, it was a little disconcerting to see us battle it out on the pitch against men in blaugrana (!), but in the end, the spearmint boys won us that one precious point thanks to an early goal by keiteeee.  the whole squad went to valencia for this momentous occasion, as is pep’s common practice for important fixtures.  i’m so happy for our young players and our new transfers; it must be so overwhelming to play for our team for the first time and be rewarded with such a prestigious accomplishment!

some words from el capitan, who has won the liga for the fifth time:  “it is a very important title, and now we can rest and prepare for the final in wembley.”

photos and a video after the jump

the captain on the way to valencia, with top fisio juanjo brau

before the game, the players were given recognition for their contributions (an understatement 🙂  ) to spain’s first world cup  http://ow.ly/i/bq9b/original

and now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!!


puyi and pique looking good in the campions 2011 shirt

celebrations continued on the plane.  according to sport, the captain (the pilot, not puyi) had to intervene twice just to ask for order on the plane 🙂

so what’s next?  well, puyi has some biceps-triceps workouts to do so his muscles will look more glorious than usual when he lifts the trophy this sunday 🙂  until then, visca el barça!!!!


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