el capitan has been very talkative on twitter lately!  the following posts have been among the updates on his timeline these past 7 days:

moltes felicitats to his friend, cesc + a link to cesc’s new website http://www.cescfabregas.com

a couple of ifilosofia retweets:  “if we are united, nothing is impossible.  if we are divided, everything will fail” and “people can forget what you have done or what you have said, but they will never forget how you have made them feel”  (the second one’s kind of cheesy, no?)

the schedule of juvenil a’s copa de campions final against madrid — a juvenil clasico which we won, yay!  puyi tweeted wunderkid rafinha alcantara his congratulations — the youth player was understandably over the moon as he tweeted puyi his thanks.  rafinha also posted another tweet to tell everyone else that one of the world’s football greats greeted him on their victory.  i love our players!

more after the jump

a link to a new play http://www.ercaminosantiago.com which is a comedy about pilgrims going to santiago de compostela

cute puppy pictures!  puyi posted photos of paca and rita, and also promised to introduce queca one of these days 🙂



an update about arriving in valencia, a “vamoooos rafa!!!!” while waiting for kickoff, and of course, the CAMPIONS celebratory tweets, complete with this cute photo of himself and pique:

he also tweeted “moltes gracies, crack” to sergi roberto for his congratulations after the game.  amazing.  i wonder how the other players feel when a legend like our captain calls them a crack.

and last but not least, aside from a lot of “bon dia/buenos dias” and “bona nit/buenas noches”… what would puyi’s timeline be without a string of OOOOOHHHHHHs and MOC MOC’s 🙂

looking forward to a lot more!!


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