may 17, 2006 – barcelona met arsenal in paris.

valdes – van bronckhorst, puyol, marquez, oleguer – van bommel, edmilson, deco – ronaldinho, eto’o, giuly *vs* lehmann – cole, campbell, kolo toure, eboue – hleb, fabregas, silva, pires – ljungberg, henry.

arsenal drew first blood towards the end of the half, and we suffered through the next several minutes.  with 15 minutes to go, eto’o equalized. four minutes after that, our sub belletti slid a wondrous goal right between the keeper’s legs.  the final minutes dragged, but all at once, it was over.  barcelona’s second ever champions league trophy — and puyi was the captain who lifted it 🙂

the road to victory:

here’s another video of just the final.  love the music!  my favorite part — puyi at 1:46 to 1:51 smiling at his teammates 🙂


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