the camp nou before the fireworks — the players gave their speeches, led by our gran capitan.  here is what he said (taken from the club’s website):

Thank you for coming here. We want to thank you for your support throughout the season. We have one big effort to make and don’t doubt for a minute that we will do everything we can to be back here on 29th to celebrate the Champions League. Now just enjoy this title –we really deserve it. We’ve been attacked from all over the place and they continue to do so, but we just do our job –playing football, which is what we know how to do.  Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!

photos and videos after the jump

puyi and xavi start the show with the senyera

ok it's not puyi, but i couldn't resist the matching curls!

here are videos of the speeches, credit to paskifcb on youtube.  love those blaugrana babies!!!  and here’s the link to what the players said, in english:

part 3 up next!


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  1. Cule de corazón says:

    All the kids are just adorable!!!

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