… that men are the biggest gossips!  when puyi’s twitter hit a million followers, gerard pique tipped us off to some “big news” from puyi. and yesterday, this went down —

I don't understand how @Carles5puyol doesn't tell you about the great news he has!! You're going to be so happy! Oooooohh!! Moc moc!

Ooooooooohhhh moc moc!!!! @3gerardpique

more of the nonsense after the jump

@Malenacosta7 creo que nos puede ayudar para saber la #puyinoticia!! Vaaaaaa!! @Carles5puyol (i think malena costa can help us to know the #puyinoticia --- yes, he created a hashtag)

La noticia es q seré padrino de una boda... Ooohhhh moc moc @3gerardpique (the news is that i will be best man at a wedding)

Seré yo el padrino de la boda??? Oooooooohh!!!!! @Carles5puyol quina il.lusió em diguis això!! Sereu molt feliços!! (am i the best man at the wedding? tell me this dream! you'll be very happy!)

Siii!! @Malenacosta7 queremos saber la #puyinoticia!! Pero con todos los detalles!! The little circle of trust! Hahahahaha!! Ooohh! Moc moc! (malena costa, we want to hear the puyinoticia. but with all the details! the little circle of trust!--- "the little circle of trust" just cracked me up!)

Hoy es un día muy feliz para la familia culé y para la familia Puyol-Costa!! Pero seran ellos los que nos informaran!! (it is a very happy day for the family puyol-costa! but will they inform us!)

sidenote — bojan, get on twitter! you’re missing all the fun!

Ya conocéis a @3gerardpique os podéis llevar una sorpresa o decepción, no hay #puyinoticia (you know gerard pique. you can be surprised or disappointed, there is no puyinoticia)

Me están comentando que el "chivatazo" que recibí de mi contacto puede que no sea cierto... Así funciona el mundo del cotilleo!!! Moc moc!! (i've been told that the "tip" i received from my contact may not be true...that's how it goes in the world of gossip!)

Jajajajajajaajajajja el topo no tiene buenos contactos... Oooohhh moc moc @3gerardpique les podrías anunciar tu algo no?? (your mole doesn't have good contacts. they can tell you something, no?)

but of course, pique had to leave us all hanging with this last tweet:

Jajajajaja!! La #puyinoticia no está ni mucho menos descartada!! Simplemente dije que el contacto no es del todo fiable! Hay algo de cierto! (the puyinoticia is not entirely ruled out! i simply said that my contact is not that reliable. there is some truth in it!)

and since they both haven’t been called up for the final liga match, they both have all weekend to drive us crazy some more 🙂


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