first of all, congratulations to our fine specimen of a keeper for marking his 301st league match, equalling the legendary zubi.

here's to more clean sheets!

our travel to gijon and the precious 1-0 victory gave us the all-important seat at the top of the league table — a place we cules have fortunately grown quite accustomed to in recent years.  unfortunately, we have also grown accustomed to manitas.  sorry, i feel so guilty, but i can’t help it.  i love the beautiful goals!  i guess for most people, a well-contested match with a small goal difference is more exciting, but i for one was pretty bummed that we didn’t look like a killer side last night.

this photo from puyi's facebook got my hopes up for the game, but our cbs were once again benched 😦

well i loved two things about last night — first, masche!! once again, the guy nails it.  fine fine form in a position he looks born to play.  second, adriano!!  i love seeing this guy shine.  his versatility shows more and more with each game he plays, and i really hope pep gives him more chances as a starter.


bring it here, boys!

big smile + group hugs.  pep approves 🙂

one point against gijon! wooooowwwww!! feels like christmas!

things kind of fizzled for me after that early goal, which led me to notice more mundane things instead — such as why some of our boys look a little scruffier with more than their usual amount of facial hair (looking at you VV, pedro, busi, leo) while pique looked amazingly clean-shaven.

pique's not bored, puyi. just distracted by the bouncy curls.

oh well, after this comes international break, the bane of our existence.  i’m not sure if i want to root for puyi reaching 100 matches for spain, or him retiring and just concentrating on his club career.  crossing my fingers against injuries!

the scariest moment of the match! masche dizzy on the ground 😦 dani holding his hand 😦

and speaking of injuries, how’s our tally so far?  afellay had surgery today.  on the up side, it was arthroscopic surgery, which means it wasn’t super bad.  on the down side, still 6 months of recovery.  anims, ibi!!  as for the others —  iniesta & alexis, out a couple more weeks.  cescpelucafuera, 3 weeks.  abidal, 7 to 10 days.  please, no more hamstring injuries.  and more importantly, no more injuries from practice!!

not you too, man! i can't cover our entire backline!


on a lighter note, some interesting posts on our players’ twitter accounts –

pique started an RT-fest trying to decide between getting cesc a haircut (good idea!)  and getting puyi a trim (sacrilege!).  puyi retweeted a link to bojan’s first goal for roma. http://www.ara.cat/el_radar/gol-Bojan-Roma-TT-mundial_3_564573538.html  awwww!!!! cutie pie must be crying with affirmation 🙂 and lastly, iniesta posted a link to puyi’s facebook — “may i present the official facebook page of my captain” 🙂 double awww!! i love love love when they call puyi captain 🙂

till next time! my next post will be about international break.


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