back in the game


i had to drag myself out of bed to watch the international fixtures these past few days.  after our clasico overdose last season and during the supercup, i’m pretty much disillusioned about the spanish nt.  what with ramos assaulting puyi and xavi last november, iker dissing cesc, and xabi saying the refs are doing us favors — i really can’t listen to the three of them suddenly singing praises about the seleccion and how glad they are that puyi has returned.  anyway, i’m glad that puyi got an ovation from the team upon his return, and that del bosque gave him a chance to play during the two matches.  pique must have been the happiest guy on earth;  their reunion was much-awaited.  also, congrats to xavi for being captain during the game against scotland, VV for his first official game, and villa for scoring his 50th goal for spain and taking over as captain when xavi was subbed out.  la roja won both of their matches, 2-0 against the czech republic and 3-1 against scotland, and are at the top of the group I table for 2012 european cup.

puyi in white -- always a hair-raising sight

just play the way pep tells you to play

congrats to the hot guy in the white tee! it's about time!!

from puyi’s facebook:

very happy to return to the seleccion after 11 months. had our first training to prepare for the match on friday against the czech republic

good game against the czech republic and a 2-0 victory. every day i feel better. now to prepare for the match on tuesday in alicante. cheers!

they look so happy 🙂



after a tumultuous episode in their history, the eagles of mali got their act together and emerged as group A winners in the qualifying stages of the next african nations cup.  mali’s coach alain giresse gratefully singled out our humble and hardworking keita for his personal sacrifices for the good of the team.

mali drew 2-2 against liberia but emerged as victors in their group



dani alves and adriano shared the field with the legendary ronaldinho and the controversial neymar during two friendlies, which they both won (1-0 against costa rica and 2-1 against mexico), although dani had a major WHOOPS!! moment that resulted in a red card during the second one.

i feel like a madrid player during a clasico :0



it was a rollercoaster of sugar rush proportions for our albicelestes — like getting hyper on a bag of gummy bears only to crash later on into hypoglycemic shock.  messi saw his team win 4-1 against chile only to lose 1-0 against venezuela during their first two world cup qualifying fixtures.  masch returned from his suspension for the game.  argentina are now tied with ecuador in 2nd place on the conmebol tally.




abidal is our only player who’s back from international duty with an injury (you guessed it! hamstring again!), but our physios say he’ll be fit for saturday.  france eked out a 1-1 draw against bosnia herzegovina to narrowly get the top spot in their euro group.  abidal said he knew he’d be in trouble because he played through the pain barrier, but felt that he had to do so with so much at stake.  pep is waiting for you with raised eyebrows.

pain is nothing.


i’m so glad international break is over, and we’re back to this —

thiago and keita stand in awe. i know how you feel, guys!


during international break, i worked on a few translations.   will be posting them after this 🙂


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