here is the last part of his conversation with joan josep pallas (8oct).

no one does blaugrana like the capita

Puyol:  “In My Eyes, the Club is Doing Very Well”


You’ve spent 16 years in the club and are captain.  How is the present situation at the institutional level, after the decision of the assembly to pursue accountability measures against members of the old board?

In my eyes, the club is doing very well, growing a little more each passing year.  The team is also perfect. Now, it seems that everyone’s moving forward as one, that everyone’s continuing in the same direction so that it will last for many years.

Does it affect the team at all?

No, we are all focused.  Obviously, we cannot stay on the sidelines.  But not to enjoy this moment is impossible, and our part is to try to maintain it for as long as possible.

What is your relationship with Joan Laporta?

It’s good, as I have maintained with all former presidents.  He stayed for several years, won titles and was a good president.

And with Sandro Rosell?

I also maintain a very good relationship with the president.  Since the time he left the club, we’ve kept in touch.  Until today.

On Monday, you were declared as a witness at the trial in which the agent Bayram Tutumlu is demanding money from Joan Laporta for a series of business deals done in Uzbekistan. Are you going to testify?

No, I leave all of these to my lawyer Ramon Sostres.

Do you regret having agreed to travel to that country?

No.  I simple traveled there just as I have on other occasions in other cities.

Changing the subject:  Do you really resent the press so much that you’d deny access to the locker room?

I think this way, we can work more peacefully, although I recognize that at times we pay for our mistakes.  Not everyone aims to report facts, there are those who make bad interpretations and look for other things.  Also, it must be understood that here, we
train, we work on strategies… there still are mixed zones.

In one of the last, three players came out to speak…

I’m sure it will be solved soon.  The thing should be resolved more promptly, but I hope to do more interviews soon.

Well.  You are quite engaged in new technologies.  You’re often on Twitter…

It serves me well, it helps to distract me and I can use it when I want.  It’s a way to reach many people and you can say what you really want without being misinterpreted.

Has there been any caution on the part of the club to warn about the dangers of these media?

Each one is mature enough and knows the repercussions that can happen.  We know how it is.

How is it being lately one of the targets of the paparazzi?

Bad.  I don’t like it and it’s difficult to cope.  I try to lead a normal life and sometimes it’s impossible.



till next time! my next post will be about the game against santander 🙂


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