“hello everyone, a victory against racing de santander to maintain our position at the top of the league table.  today it’s become clear that scoring goals is not my thing.  now to rest.” – capita’s facebook

what a game!  a 3-0 victory after international break!  i was really looking forward to this match because i was sure pep would play pique and puyi as cbs… unfortunately, the tandem didn’t last for very long because pique had to be subbed out faster than he could say “fifa virus”.  poor thing, and on his 150th game too 😦  the hamstring (damn you hamstrings!!!) injury is expected to keep him sidelined for 15 days… while cesc is also sidelined.  coincidence? moc moc.

anyway, our lineup consisted of VV, dani, pique, puyi, maxwell, our MVP, xavi, thiago and INIESTAAAA!!! welcome back!

small, tall, and somewhere in between

our guys stumbled through the motions a bit during the first 10 minutes, and as you know, 10 minutes after international break is enough to make any cule panic like crazy.  there were at least 3 occasions when racing players had golden opportunities in our box, but thankfully none were fruitful.  after that, it was the messi and xavi show 🙂  that first goal was nothing short of sublime.  VV was especially ecstatic about it, trading his usual hands-to-the-heavens goal celebration for some wild gestures.  apparently pep’s animated gesturing is contagious.  later on, VV explained that his reaction was dedicated to a friend.  here’s a video of all the goals and group hugs –

and here’s the funniest part of VV’s reaction –

puppets? lobsters? mourinho?

the second goal was one of those wtf moments, with xavi flying in to HEAD pedro’s cross home.  yes.  xavi hernandez.  a header.  this team rocks.

little guys can score headers too!

pedro was so busy setting up goals all night, he probably forgot that he could score too.  towards the end of the first half, he received a nice pass from xavi and could have maneuvered it in, but instead he passed to an oncoming puyi — who missed in a major way.  funnily enough, just moments before, my commentators had been discussing how puyi used to be a center forward.  it’s a good thing i dozed off last night and am only catching this match via downloads, or else i would have woken up the whole neighborhood.


the captain's reaction after the miss -- i'm not sure if he was attempting to cover his face with his shirt or just giving everyone a glimpse at his abs as consolation

i wonder how pep reacted.  i was watching this in slow motion, and the three forwards looked like they couldn’t understand what had just happened 🙂 well puyi wasn’t the only one who missed last night; messi and villa also had a few close ones, and abidal had that fantastic bicycle kick attempt.  but the best miss of all was iniesta’s — because it got converted into messi’s 2nd goal!

so glad he's back!

in the second half, keita and adriano (yay!) went in… which meant puyi got to play the entire game!!  salud, capita!  but it also meant masch didn’t play.  i miss him already 😦  on the bright side, the champions league and copa del rey fixtures are coming up soon, so we should be seeing a little more rotation in the squad barring any injuries.  and copa del rey means pinto (wm, el imperio!) will get to play!  i also hope fontas can get more minutes.  our first copa opponent will be a fellow catalan side from the segunda b division, hospitalet, so we’re looking at a visit to VV’s hometown.

that's right pep, let's rotate some more


the day before, puyi also posted this photo of himself with former espanyol (and barcelona) player ivan dela peña.

hello everyone, i've just eaten with one of the greats in the world of football, my great friend ivan

he also changed his profile pic on facebook… and he looks heartbreakingly good.

till next time! my next post will be about the champions league fixture against viktoria plzen 🙂


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