pep must have said some pretty inspiring stuff in the locker room, because our boys were in goalfest mode once again this weekend.  after much talk in the media about a dip in form and signs of an impending crisis, blaugrana pride kicked in and our team gave us a 5-0 victory.

back to our winning ways

i was so excited about this match because a certain captain and his partner in crime were given the medical green light.

but pep decided to let them sit out the first half, and instead went with this lineup — capita VV, alves, masch, abidal, adriano, thiago, keita, busquets, villa, messi and cuenca.  congrats, newbie, for making it to pep’s starting eleven!  no xavi in the mix, but i was quite pleased with pep’s choices.  seeing masch and adriano start always makes me happy, and wearing the armband always makes VV so much hotter 🙂

a very smiley puyi sitting happily beside iniesta

pedro, alexis and xavi -- one of them isn't happy in the stands

we started the match in good form.  none of the players looked lost or listless as they did in the previous game.  messi was especially spirited in his pursuit of the ball.

boys, i want this game put to bed in the first half

i can give you three goals, mister

minute 11 – adriano almost heads the ball in, but it gets blocked by some guy’s hand.  our little flea takes the kick.


of course it went in.  1-0.  cue the applause 🙂

puyi approves

10 minutes later, cuenca lets the ball fly across the box to adriano, who slips it past the mallorcan defense to messi.  brace!  2-0 from a beautiful team effort.

xavi approves. and alexis is just stunned.

mallorca barely had time to recover when bam! hat trick!! 3-0 in 30 minutes 🙂

okay, enough goals for the first half

second half, pep brings in pique for abidal.  4 minutes in, newbie cuenca finds himself one-on-one against the keeper.  he keeps his cool and beats the goalie for a fantastic shot.  4-0.  group hug 🙂

happy guys

minute 58, busi is subbed out.

i seem to have missed the transition period when sergio went from being a shy canterano to the picture above.  he looked much more mature last night, especially when he was taking (brainwashing) instructions from pep, and so sure of himself as he handled the midfield.  anyway, masch moved up to take his place, and in came our scruffy captain.

some things were meant for slow motion

a boss moment: el jefe passes the armband to el capitan

moments later, pep gives another youngster his liga debut:  #27 gerard deulofeu.  congratulations!!

look at this face! he's just a kid!

a lot of passing, some good chances and a few fouls later, it’s the last minute of extra time and dani alves fires a cracker into the net.  5-0, game over.


here’s a video of all the goals:

so.  what crisis?  🙂  kudos to pep for planning the strategy well.  great lineup and subs, although i would’ve wanted some cesc or fontas.  messi — phenomenal performance!  glad to see him hungry for the ball again.  also, mad props to adriano correia, who was just excellent throughout the 90 minutes.  this is a guy who makes the most of his minutes on the field.  i love watching him play;  he always has this positive vibe about him.  even if his shots get blocked or he takes a nasty tumble, he always has a big grin on his face 🙂

lastly, i didn’t get any shots of shirtless puyi, but there was this awesome hipdip moment towards the end of the match:

to my fellow cp admirers on twitter: ladies, that is a tan line! this is previously unexposed territory!



till next time!  my next post will be about our ucl match 🙂

hello everyone, i am at the camp with juanjo brau, drinking chocolate milk before going to the airport on our way to prague. tomorrow, champions! cheers!


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  1. I love to read your game analysis. You are right what crisis??I’m glad to see that Messi is back in his game.

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