want more of this and less of international break? me too.

apparently, our draw against bilbao last week was too much even for my laptop — it crashed right after pique’s epic own goal.  UGH is all i can say.

here’s a video of the highlights:

well, that’s over.  3 points behind madrid.  that means we have to draw first blood at the clasico, and never let them recover.  to make matters worse, our next league game is after international break.  i hope the boys will be in fighting form.  another draw (or a loss, eeep!!)  would be so disheartening.

anyway, i had to send my laptop to a tech office, so i wasn’t able to watch the copa game last nov 9.  shame, because i was really looking forward to the match for several reasons, the most important of which was pinto!!

we love you, man!

another reason is that we get to play against new opponents.  i remember after the draw for the round of 32, the hospitalet camp was ecstatic that they picked barcelona, and they said that they expected pep to field a fighting side with messi and the world cup champions.  of course pep has always been the epitome of respect, and i had no doubt that he wouldn’t insult hospitalet with a squad dominated by b-teamers.  the south american internationals weren’t available for the match, but pep rolled out a starting 11 of 5 world cup winners (villa, iniesta, xavi, cesc and puyol), maxwell, keita, fontas, pinto, and two youngsters, tello and dos santos.  it was just sad that even with such a stellar rival, the home camp wasn’t able to fill up their stadium of just over 6000 seats.  it must have been an unreal experience for the barca boys to play in a half-empty stadium when they’re used to 90000+ screaming fans at the camp nou.  but i guess the 40-euro tickets were just a bit too much for most fans that night.

the third reason is that i was pretty sure pep would take this chance to give another canterano his debut.  the mister did not disappoint, bringing in tello as a starter and another trailblazing alcantara as a sub in the second half.

rafinha receives his marching orders

and the last but most exciting reason is that i was looking forward to seeing fontas on the pitch again.  i’m guessing pep didn’t put pique in because the other team has a guy named peque 🙂  but whatever his reason, i will always be grateful to pep for this:

it took 42 minutes for the blaugrana boys to put one past moragon, but what a explosive goal it was!  iniesta once again in his element, firing an unstoppable diagonal shot into the net.  genius!

valeria wants more goals, papi!

after that goal, puyi almost made it 2-nil with a fantastic header (unfortunately deflected by keita?)

at halftime, xavi got a chance to catch up with hospitalet striker and former la masia classmate, david prats.

old buddies

in the second half, the boys went back to business, but there was no business to be had.  45 minutes of running and chasing, but no goals 😦  birthday boy pinto made a fabulous save, though!  after months of not playing plus more than an hour of just standing there, his reflexes were pretty slick!

born a badass

before i knew it, the game was over.  i don’t know if it was the artificial pitch or the absence of messi, but it was pretty stressful that we only got away with one goal to nil against a segunda b side.

my thoughts exactly, xavi

here’s a video of the highlights –

and of the more important highlights –


in other news, the team got their new audi’s last week.  everyone else got a black or white vehicle, but our capita chose an uber-flashy paparazzi-friendly red model!  midlife crisis? 🙂  here are some photos and videos —

vv gave a barca jersey to miguel molina, and received a racing jacket in return


from puyi’s facebook before international break:

good morning, yesterday i went to see the play "39 esglaons". if you want to have fun, i recommend it; they're some crack!! i leave you a photo with the cast

the play starred jordi rios, better known as crackovia puyi 🙂  a lot of guys from the show were also there, including crackovia pep.  here are some other photos from the event —

looking yummy in purple


pep is also promoting a show, but our mister’s interests lean towards the more serious.  entitled “the forgotten of the forgotten”, it’s a documentary directed by carles caparros about the struggle of a man named ahongbonon gregoire, a tire repairman who eventually devoted his life to helping the mentally ill in africa.  pep posed for a few photos before the premiere at cine alexandra in barcelona:

more news:  messi also made the headlines for being one of time magazine’s candidates for person of the year.  good job, leo!!  here’s a link to the page — http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2098471_2098472_2098473,00.html?xid=poywalk-tweet

also, yesterday was the birthday of andreu fontas prat 🙂  the incredibly good-looking defender is now 22.  puyi tweeted him happy birthday.  salud, crack!!

a bit of bad news – adriano suffered a slight injury to his left biceps femoris, and will be out for 10 days.  i will miss his grinning mug on the pitch 😦

and lastly, you guys might have heard of ibrahimovic’s stinky comments about pep while promoting his book.  this one’s for you, zlatan —


till next time!  my next post will be about the game against zaragoza 🙂


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