a question of facial hair: clean shaven or overgrown? personally, i like my puyi a little fuzzy 🙂

this game was great on so many levels!  VV with another record of 10 consecutive league clean sheets at the camp nou, alexis back in action, more amazing cuenca and cesc plus a pretty impressive maxwell, lots of close calls including almost-headers from puyi and messi, villa back on the scoresheet and a suspense-filled puyi goal with an assist from keiteeeee!!!

from the captain's facebook - hello everyone. many people congratulated me for the goal, and i thank you from the heart, but more than half of the goal belongs to keita. i leave you a photo with this crack

our captain — always so modest!  but even he has to admit, winning 4-0 against a team as physical as zaragoza after international break was no easy feat.  even xavi and iniesta thought so.  before the game, i was really worried that we might draw yet again and probably kiss the league title goodbye, especially given our less than stellar record after international break.  i always pity pep as he says adieu to his players, sending them to defend their national colors, not knowing if they’ll come back exhausted or injured.  lately, i’ve lost much of my interest in the spanish nt (still can’t get over all the bs from the rm players during the nightmare clasicos), so i really couldn’t wait for the seleccion games to end.  the only good things that came out of international break were two great photos of messi & masch and puyi & villa –

messi trying to take a photo of masch and their cab driver -- this scene is so full of win 🙂

hello everyone. we could not complete the comeback, but we tried until the end. i want to acknowledge the reception from the people of costa rica. i leave you a photo with el guaje! - puyi's fb

i love that they all really call him “guaje”.  even pep uses it when he’s shouting instructions during matches.  duh, it’s his nickname — but hey, they don’t call iniesta “ilusionista” or messi “pulga” 🙂

anyway, back to the game…  even with my puyol bias, i can’t decide which of the four goals i like the best.  pique with his little head flick and cheesy goal celebration, messi calmly beating the defenders in classic messiah style, puyi’s streetfighter-esque low roundhouse kick or villa with his surprising head-on header.

pep approves

other than the goals, the match had so many fantastic moments, i’m finding it hard to put them all in a coherent post.

xavi looking cute in his blue socks


i am sheepishly admitting i kind of like the hair now 🙂

there was a lot of love on the pitch that night —

gimme some love, keiteeee!!!

and some cute moments from the bench:

iniesta and fontas looking not pleased (by the way, how cute was iniesta posting about valeria's swimming class!)

fontas and abidal couldn't let each other go

joined at the hip

and some wtf moments –

one of the mocmoc guys poked xavi in the eye (i think it was you, puyi!!)

dagger looks -- when puyi's done shouting, you know you messed up bad 🙂

pep put in all the subs i wanted — thiago, iniesta and guajeeee!!

oh to be slapped at the back of my head by pep! it's all i want for christmas!

worth the wait!

after the game, puyi posted this photo on facebook.  is it just the camera angle or is that one gigantic mug of chocolate milk?

hi everyone! very happy with the victory and the goal; i'm going to see the replay because i just don't believe it, jeje. now to take a colacao and regain strength. good night! - puyi's fb


last week, puyi and cesc joined pique (and shakira) during the launch of “Dues Vides”, a novel by geri’s father, joan pique.

soundbyte of the night:  joan pique on raising a crazy gerard – “his mother may never recover”  hahaha!!


till next time! my next post will be about the game against milan, which according to puyi is the match they all want to play in 🙂  i’ve noticed that pep’s goal celebrations have been somewhat muted as of late;  i’m hoping the game at the san siro will bring his old enthusiasm back.  to victory, boys!  for cules, for barça, for pep!!


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