hello everyone! great victory against milan in a very intense match that has put us on top of the group table. the victory is dedicated to tito vilanova -- captain's facebook

what a great get-well-soon present for our assistant coach, who didn’t travel to italy with the team because he had to undergo surgery on his parotid gland.  anims, tito!  and “intense’ is an understatement.  although we were already assured of our slot in the knockout stages even before the game, i felt that there was so much more at stake.  facing a strong rival on their turf, after the disappointing draw at the camp nou at the start of the season, compounded by weeks and weeks of ibra’s whining after his transfer, culminating in all those inflammatory quotes from his “book” — this match was a heart attack waiting to happen.

the venue didn’t help ease the tension one bit.  the san siro may be big, but this was one claustrophobic tunnel.  there was barely enough room for the kids!

with dani suspended and iniesta injured, pep gave us puyol, abidal, busquets, xavi, thiago, cesc, messi, villa and his niñitas in our lovely mint green kits + VV in blaugrana.

how good does valdes look in this royal blue

one of my favorite moments during barca games -- puyi touching the ground and crossing himself, then reaching for the kid's hand again

and this is for my friend siemprebarca07, the biggest xavilla fan i know, whose tumblr http://siemprebarca.tumblr.com/ started my addiction to gifs 🙂

wait for messi!

from kickoff to the final whistle, this match was roller coaster.  the first goal couldn’t come soon enough, and it was from former blaugrana mark van bommel.  i really didn’t care if it was an own goal or not, and judging from their reaction, neither did any of our boys.  i absolutely loved xavi and messi prancing happily together on their way to the group hug 🙂

after that, there was that goal by ibra, which i will grudgingly admit was pretty good.  puyi and masch weren’t able to deal with the attack, and it was 1-1.  then xavi was brought down as he was about to score again, which did not result in the red card that aquilani should have seen.  weird that the ref booked nesta instead.  but still it resulted in a penalty, which messi converted…twice…. just to make them feel the pain again 🙂

another one of those silly yellows he loves to get

there were some nice opportunities after that, and if it weren’t for abbiati, the goal difference would’ve been much bigger.

this is how we do it with hair, pep

a few minutes into the second half, boateng scored, and milan equalized once again.  but my distress didn’t last very long because shortly after that, our master midfielder received a fabulous pass from messi and slotted it gracefully into the goal.

after that, the subs came — alexis, pedro and jonathan dos santos 🙂

hey ibra, i got your number!

back in action

full time 2-3!  overall, a tough and very physical match helped along by a very lenient ref.  keita, xavi and cesc got most of the abuse, but still our boys came out on top.  here’s a video of the goals and highlights, and some more photos from the game:

so great to see puy and masch together!

after the match, puyi had dinner with pique and cesc (who had to go straight from the game to anti-doping to the dinner table, and thus had no time to change)

puyi's twitter - cesc already wants to go straight to getafe... OMM. good night.

it’s not “oh my mod”, it’s “ooooohhhhh moc moc” 🙂  i’m just tired of typing the whole thing and counting how many o’s and h’s they use 🙂


other stuff from facebook and twitter:

our charming keeper VV has partnered with durex (!!) for an online contest.  the winner will join the oh-so-sexy victor in tokyo.  here’s the link to the facebook page, so unimaginatively entitled Durex Love Sex http://www.facebook.com/durexlovesex?sk=app_268029733244353  and here’s a photo of VV with a gigantic condom:

this bothers me in so many ways

VV also posted this today:  today is the international day against gender violence.  from here, i want to send much strength to those who are suffering or have suffered.  this matter is very troubling and complicated… but the worst thing that one can do when one encounters this situation is to fall silent.  many kisses.

vv’s bff also partnered with a company for tokyo, but because it’s andres, it’s entirely wholesome:




dani alves has been chosen for the football app micoach;  here’s the video:

dani didn’t travel to milan, but caught the game on tv.  before kickoff, he treated himself to watching a some sponge bob 🙂  and a few hours ago, he tweeted about watching cars 2 🙂

he isn’t the only one in a cartoon mood.  our braided badass pinto attended a dora-themed birthday party —

pastel-colored balloons and a pink table -- pinto's going to fit right in!


till next time!  my next post will be about the game against getafe 🙂


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