call me crazy but i’m still ecstatic over the clasico.  i must have watched it 15 times already, and still i can’t get over how amazing that game was!  but before i get to my favorite parts, will everyone who doubted this team please stand up and slap yourself in the head …. i just did so myself, and i blame you, VV!!  i have to admit, after that shocker of a goal by benzema, i wasn’t so optimistic about our chances for the match and even for the league.  but looking back, i do feel like a big moron, because how could i ever doubt a lineup like this —

i would've wanted villa in the mix; hope to see him start again soon

anyway, matches like this are best relived in images, not words.  my favorite ones — (please allow them to load for awhile… i got a little carried away, and it became a very heavy post 🙂  )

#1 — vv and iniesta


#2 — everyone exhaling in the cold

our mister... looking like he's about to breathe fire any minute now

iniesta too 🙂

messi too (an image of a messi dragon keeps popping in my head every time i see this)

#3 — puyi’s got game

busi escorts ronaldo into the wall that is puyi

bicycle kick!

#4 — being faithful to our philosophy

messi-cesc tiki-taka

iniesta to messi to xavi = too much talent

vv = coolness

#5 — wtf moments

di maria down, and not another white shirt in sight! vv and puyi checked on him 😦

pep not breaking eye contact and totally ignoring abi while giving him the ball

pep celebrating the second goal

#6 — xavi practicing pep’s hand gestures

heir to the throne

#7 — lionheart

orgullo cule


#8 — pep’s latest goal celebration victim

but pep... they're still hugging and i wanna join them!

#9 — andres iniesta

the maestro and the ilusionista

and #10 — of course, the goals


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  1. blitzen says:

    Amazing, wonderful, flawless, stealing all your gifs, ect. ❤

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