cesc, what are you doing down there?!!

previously korea and china… and now, japan.  the barca boys flew straight to asia for the club world cup after their resounding victory at the bernabeu, and it looks like they’re all enjoying the change in scenery and new culture.  so many tweets and posts, i can hardly keep up!  i had planned on including all their photos in the semifinal match post, but they’re just piling up fast, so here’s a recap —

direccion japon — it must have been some flight!! morale through the roof, and everyone celebrating a job well done during a much-anticipated fixture.  i’m madly jealous of the flight crew, tbh. 🙂

what a pleasure to be in this team... 3 words DON ANDRES INIESTA!!! -- thiago's twitter

new seatmate for pique... puyi probably sat with xavi

jonathan dos santos and alexis sanchez -- from thiago's twitter

with my bro before taking off to japan! -- cesc's twitter

in japan, there were training sessions…

we all love this post!

"i'm not a policeman" -- but you sure look like one, pep!

field of dreams in an urban jungle

… and meeting the children of fukushima….

lucky kid!

… but the real fun was all the nonsense that went on during their free time 🙂  geez, pep!  cut them loose and they go roaming around the city like crazy people who think they’re normal!

andres iniesta aboard the tokyo metro. whoa. people in the background, hellooooo?!!!

dani and pinto feeling the tourist vibe —

from dani's twitter

view of yokohama from the 54th floor of the hotel -- pinto's twitter

dani loved being cinderella so much he had to take the photo twice (and post thrice)

santa claus in coming! -- dani's twitter

photo of the bullet train that took me from yokohama to tokyo in 13 minutes! -- pinto's twitter

pinto brought that wm logo to several other locations —

representing wm in tokyo, japan! i remember new york!

return journey from tokyo to yokohama on the conventional train

the train ticket used yesterday from tokyo to yokohama (photo of a train ticket... doesn't get more touristy than that, pinto!)

yokohama view of the day from the 70th floor of the hotel. mount fuji on the upper left! -- pinto's twitter

puyi also posted a photo of the majestic peak —

view from the hotel, do you know what this is? - puyi's twitter

someone awesomely replied “mount puyi” 🙂

carles puyol wants to buy train tickets in yokohama -- pique's twitter

now pique may have just been stating a fact, but based on previous behavior, i’m sure everyone read it as making fun of his captain… probably why he was suddenly replaced by a painfully handsome fontas in the tokyo metro adventure —

but among all the posts and tweets, this for me was miles above the rest —

i found the japanese version of deco in the elevator! -- cesc's twitter (hilarious!!)


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  1. What a cool, fun post. Cheered me right up. And yes, pinto needs to get out more..haha. Chained to the ropes of my beloved Pepsi cola 😉

    • orangerie says:

      pinto and alves tweet the weirdest things, no? pinto’s been going on about some “warrior of light” proverbial wisdom for some time now, alternating with crazy gangsta music stuff 🙂 that fontas…. i’d like to pick his brain about his captain!

  2. Glad to see that the boys are also having fun.

    • orangerie says:

      me too! i just wish the other guys like busi and abi had social networks too! still waiting for a VV post and photo, hopefully he’ll give us something good!

  3. Love the post – there has been so much twitter-fun lately!!
    I just don’t get why the people around them isn’t freaking out – I would. Imagine you are standing in the train as you always do and suddenly Puyi is next to you!

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