4-nil and pep can't crack a smile 😦

our mister said it best — things like this make you feel empty.  we faced al sadd for the club world cup semifinal, and won 4-0 but it was a costly victory.  a serious injury for el guaje, and at the worst possible time, with the ucl knockout stages and the second round of la liga coming around.  it has put a dark cloud on an otherwise wonderful evening that brought unexpected goals from adriano, keita and maxwell.  i feel so bad for those three, because they get on the scoresheet (or even the pitch) so infrequently, and now they can’t look back on this game without remembering the horrific thing that happened to villa.  i feel bad for everyone in the team, caught in such a situation and so far away from home.  but on my desktop now is a photo of david in a wheelchair, smiling at his captain.  his optimism and courage are overwhelming.  every time i look at it, it gets easier to look forward to the day he comes back and is — again, as pep said — welcomed with open arms.  anims, guaje!! and força barça!!

here are some photos from the match and a video of the goals –


and here are the photos of villa’s arrival at the hotel.  looking at them, he just looks like a 6-year-old, smiling from ear to ear and so proud of his cast.  and everyone else (especially abi) looks like jealous playmates.  if only thing were that simple 😦


after all that depressing stuff, trust puyi to give me a happy fix.  this photo is so full of win —


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  1. Thanx for an amazing post – you said what every culé feel

  2. Gladys says:

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts! I missed the last three, so I was so cheered by the El Clasico pics and the boys Tokyo tourism hijinks, only to be reminded of poor David’s misfortune. Animo El Guaje!!! We will surely miss him these coming months, but he is brave and tough (just look at him barely wincing while he sits on the pitch with a fractured bone) and will surely come back stronger. What a good soul…even thumbing up and smiling for the cameras upon his hotel return.

    And on a superficial front, thanks for all the Fontas love! He and Puyi in two pics together are like an early X-Mas gift (throw Thiago into the mix and I’m in heaven). 😉

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