jet lag is nothing.  pep and his boys came out full force and did not disappoint.  honestly, was there ever any doubt?  with their best player up against our tarzan, and more importantly, with our boys all fired up to take the trophy home to their assistant coach and 2 compañeros — there simply was no chance for santos.  i think it’s fair to say everyone brought their A game tonight (well, A+ for everyone and A- for pique), and they won that shiny piece of silverware with style.

pep’s no-holds-barred lineup — VV, alves, pique, puyi, abi, busi, xavi, thiago, iniesta, cesc, messi.

dear santos… why wear white?!  somewhere in the bowels of la masia is a pavlovian mastermind whose job is to gleefully brainwash the canteranos to respond rabidly to white shirts.  did you not see what just happened to madrid, and more recently to al sadd?  you just ordered yourselves front row seats to the barcelona show.  let’s take a look at those goals.  no, they were not just goals, they were GOLAZOs!  some may credit defensive errors on the part of the opponents, by my feeling has always been that it takes a skilled attacker to induce those errors.  my favorite goal is xavi’s, but i may just be biased for the maestro.  all of them deserved standing ovations.

pep’s reaction:  meh… just another day for messi… didn’t santos watch our videos?  that chip never works in la liga anymore..

our keeper was solid, our backline was fast and fluid in their positional transitions, our vertigo-inducing midfield had santos chasing shadows, and our strikers were in seek-and-attack mode for the full ninety minutes.  to say it was a masterclass would be an understatement.  the game was an absolute joy to watch.  it doesn’t matter that in the greater scheme of things, this trophy doesn’t rank that high; for me it represents the long road to getting there, what we had to win to qualify.  and for pep to have led this team to victory twice in three years is nothing short of epic.

this is what's called a clinical strike. flawless goal from a flawless man!

one word: WHOA!!

in slow motion, messi looks like a blue-and-red easter bunny, hopping his way along a obstacle course to the goal

look at abi!! like a figure skater! he is hands down the most graceful player i've ever seen (henry comes in a close second)

bouncy curls beats bleached mohawk.... over and over again.

what's happening, pique and xavi?

i love this!

busquets!! what a game!!

that background really works for this photo, no? brilliant boys!

everyone going wild after xavi's goal

during the game, masch came in for pique and pedro came in for thiago.  puyi was subbed out with only a few minutes to spare.  i’m not discounting the possibility that it was to give him time to blowdry his lovely hair for the trophy-lifting.  anyway, fontas came in.  thanks pep!!

the best part of the night — the trophy ceremony, complete with the requisite sardana, pep-throwing and trophy-kissing.  puyi seemed much more enthusiastic this time, compared to how he was during the spanish and european supercups.  glad the injury blues have gone away, because it was heartwarming to see him singing and smiling 🙂  also, those arms look more ripped than they did the last time, if that’s possible 🙂

that smile.. it's hypnotic 🙂

campeones, campeones!!

dani and pinto, LOL!!  those two never fail to crack me up!  also, dani, i want to know if you bought that santa hat there or if you brought it all the way from barcelona 🙂

puyi also received the fifa fair play award for the club, and xavi and messi got the silver and golden balls, respectively.  in addition, for being best player in the tournament, messi received a car from toyota.

i love winning!

el jefe = campeon

moc moc


this never gets old


social networks, bless them!  3 of our 4 captains shared photos with the trophy — don’t you want in on all this fun, xavi?

"this is for you guaje!!! we love you!!!" -- puyi's twitter... AAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!

"Champions! this is for all of you and especially for el guaje!" -- captain's facebook

"world champions! this is for our fans and for our teammates in bcn, villa and tito vilanova. força barça!" -- VV's twitter... had to take a second look to see the trophy there...

"historic!" -- iniesta's facebook.... hair-raising is more like it

"here is a photo with the cup 🙂 " - cesc's twitter... i guess he's dedicating all that hair gel to el guaje as well

and here’s one very distracting and disturbing photo, of course courtesy of pique’s facebook —

my eyes were still on you, puyi 🙂

"we're the champions of the world!" -- pedro's twitter (such a tiny photo! but understandable, since this is only his 3rd tweet... someone show him the ropes, please!)

"that moment that leaves your body paralyzed and you can't say a word. WORLD CHAMPIONS! thanks to everyone. here it is!" -- thiago's twitter

"great thiago" -- fontas' twitter, to which thiago replied "prepare the tv to watch crackovia on monday, hahaha!"

"to live this experience is priceless, no words! world champions!" -- jds' twitter

"sharing another title with my followers, and i say again together we are strong, thank you!!" -- dani's twitter

other messages –


“very happy and proud to be part of this team.  world champions!  this is for you, guaje!” — fontas

“another cup, world champions! visca el barça!” — marc muniesa

“great barça!  world champions, and again full of homegrown players making history.  visca el barça!  happy holidays to everyone!” — marc bartra

“We’re world champions! A great match! Thank you very much to all my teammates, the coaching staff and the whole expedition have won this title, the only one that I needed. And thanks also for all the love that they have given me before (incredible go out with that t-shirt), during and after the match. Now, to celebrate it! This will give me strength for tomorrow’s operation. A hug for everyone. I leave some photos that have been sending me all these cracks.” — from villa’s facebook, as is this photo –

all so amazing 🙂  it makes me wonder what it would have been like had they been on twitter when we won the champions league and triplete in 09!  that would have been earthshaking!  speaking of ucls, my favorite tweet last night came from brazilian footballer and ex-blaugrana juliano belletti, whose only goal for barça won us the champions league at the stade de france — after the match, he posted “my kids are singing the barça hymn!” … cue the waterworks 🙂


we get to have the cwc badge on our shirts again, and i imagine it would look great on the black kit!  el guaje approves 🙂


i’m reserving all my gifs for a separate entry.. will keep you posted!


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  1. Michele says:

    Excellent round-up of photos – now I can’t wait to see your gifs post!

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