stuff i loved about the game –

the suspense begins!

the boys also had their message to villa printed in nihonggo.  nice touch 🙂

our winning lineup -- 9 from la masia

our boys were hungry for victory —

vv wants you to bring it

so many great things about messi’s first goal:  xavi’s INCREDIBLE assist, messi’s fancy footwork, messi’s goal celebration (didn’t it just bring back champions league final memories?), pep’s funny reaction… but my favorite of all was dani’s extra hug — after the group hug, when they were on the way back to the center, he turned back to give messi one more congratulatory embrace.  aww, those guys are total bffs 🙂

this right here could summarize the whole game

pep! so funny shrugging the goal off 🙂

xavi’s goal — what a cracker!  seeing everyone on the bench going wild was so heartwarming.  i especially loved his high five with a jubilant iniesta 🙂

this guy put on a massive performance. excellent work, dani!

high five of champions

my favorite pep face

while battling for the ball, puyi sent borges to the ground…  i’m always worried he’s gonna give himself a concussion 😦

fcblive posted a screencap of this on twitter and captioned it "dat ass"... i almost fell to the floor 🙂

goal number 3 was a team effort, and cesc dedicated his goal to villa.  i suspect it was because el guaje gave him the rest of his hair gel stash to create this… um… look.

after halftime, xavi came out raring to resume the match –

masch came in for pique, who gave a little beso for good luck 🙂

pep says you stay there and i stay here

vv had this moment with neymar before more subs came on –

puyi welcomes kardec to the pitch -- is this sportsmanship or what 🙂

pedro in for thiago

messi’s 2nd goal came in the final 10 minutes, as if to say “show’s not over yet, guys!”… and a few minutes after that came the sub i’d been waiting for 🙂

one last hug before i go

again, i thank you for this, pep

hmmm, there are almost 30 gifs in this post, and i think it might be getting too heavy so i’ll put the ones from the trophy celebration in another post.  the trophy presentation deserves its own post, anyway — too many good ones 🙂 …. ok enough excuses.  i actually just really need some sleep 🙂  next post will be up in a few hours.  but before i end, i’d like to leave you with a precious pep sighting —

pep living up to his name... just add pompoms and he makes a great cheerleader, no?


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