for our three absentees —

Reporter:  carles puyol, captain.  congratulations, carles.

Puyi:  thanks very much.

R:  so, club world cup champions one more time for you.  how do you feel?

CP:  well, very happy.  i think we had a good game, the result was just.  one might think that it was easy, but no, it was very intense…

R:  there are important people like david villa, for whom you wore the shirt, like tito vilanova and afellay too.  it’s for them?

CP:  yes of course, it’s for them.  unfortunately, they couldn’t be here.  with them we are much stronger and we dedicate the title to them.

i will always remember the cwc final as the match that brought pep to tears.  that was back in 2009, when his debut season as coach ended with the first ever spanish treble, a feat later on incredibly eclipsed by the mindblowing year of the six cups.  this was it, the sixth cup.  at that time i guess it was so overwhelming for pep that he started weeping openly, and he was consoled by henry and (a much nicer) ibrahimovic.  during this year’s trophy ceremony, there were moments when he looked like he was ready to cry again.  and who wouldn’t?  his trophy haul has now risen to 13, with the promise of more to come.  amazing man at the helm of an amazing team — we are all so lucky to witness this barça 🙂

the captain congratulates the rivals

iniesta and juanjo brau (and vv's hand)

xavi's weird face wins!

oh cesc!! you're hilarious!! with your cheeks puffed and your hair up like that, you kinda look like jimmy neutron 🙂

cesc was probably just cold, but he looked like he really had to pee 🙂

see that hand that pats abi in the tummy? that's cuenca's 🙂 love this team!


this moment = what gifs are made for

golden boy alexis and his shiny smile... whatever it is he's selling, i'm buying 🙂

before i end, another glimpse of our professional trophy-lifters:



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  1. LOVE the xavi-face-gif and the Cesc-needs-to-pee-gif 🙂

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