"we are in the 1/8 finals, now to have some days of vacation!! happy holidays!! cheers!! - puyi's facebook

so it has come to this.  we’ve gone beyond the “goalfest” and progressed to the “bracefest”.  what a show by pep and his boys, and what a great christmas gift for cules.  felt a little bad for hospitalet, though.  i admit that i was pretty tense about this game.  everyone probably still tired from the trip to asia, not having the argentines and the brazilians, and the memory of how hard it was to beat them during the ida.  one away goal is not exactly a comfortable lead, so i quite agree with pep’s choices for the starting 11.  of course, with 20/20 hindsight, pep probably could’ve gone with 8 b-teamers and a one-man backline.

our starting eleven – pinto, thiago, cuenca, fontas, busi, pique, pedro, cesc, iniesta, xavi and puyi

pinto + 10 (homegrown) otros

by the time we scored the third goal, the match was pretty much put to bed, but i did enjoy the fantastic display from the younger players.  probably the most exciting part was anxiously waiting for a tenth goal in the final minutes.

one more!!

capita puyi had a close one 🙂  here’s a video of the highlights:

and here are some great photos — (sorry no gifs this time:  i’ve been having a hard time downloading the match)

our beautiful pep

look at that face! so determined!

he "thinks he looks good" because he does, pep 🙂

group hugs and high fives:

pique and cuenca, how precious 🙂

this makes me optimistic about the next five years 🙂

the only bad thing about this match was iniesta’s injury, which will have him out of circulation for 2 weeks.  happy holidays, andres 🙂

aaawwww 🙂


speaking of injuries, villa’s surgery went well and his doctors are optimistic.  his teammates visited him at the hospital, and the mocmoc team+ fontas brought him his medal and the only missing trophy in his collection —


about puyi’s shirt in the first picture with busi… puyi must really love that shirt, because he’s already worn it in blue…

… and black…

… and my favorite, purple…

it’s diesel’s ONLY THE BRAVE shirt, a good fit (literally and figuratively) for our capita 🙂


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