what have our boys been up to this holiday break?  6 of them (read: majority) have been named in the prestigious l’equipe 11 — dani, pique, xavi, iniesta, busi (yes!!) and of course, messi, who was also hailed by l’equipe as the champion of champions 🙂


i think pep is the big winner among all of them, because he has just been named by interviu magazine as the most desirable man for 2011.  i concur.

this was based on a survey answered by spanish women.  another nice video here –   http://ocio.elnortedecastilla.es/famosos/pep-guardiola-ha-sido-elegido-el-hombre-mas-deseado-del-2011-28122011.html


el guaje has started a blog, and is now on twitter!  his captains puyi and iniesta have both welcomed him to the fold, but cesc went the extra mile for fangirls worldwide —

"I want to welcome my friend @Guaje7Villa to the twitter family. Give him some love!!!!" -- cesc's twitter


i also enjoyed cesc’s feature on sky sports.  he had some nice things to say about wenger and pep.  incredible that he’s back for christmas for the first time since he was 16.


while puyi spent his time finishing joan pique’s book (he enjoyed it) and watching youngsters train in his hometown of la pobla (tweet- “see the enthusiasm with which they train the kids of la pobla! #reason to believe”), pique enjoyed a game of basketball between the miami heat and boston celtics.  messi, pinto and the others made the most of precious family time.


iniesta and alexis spread holiday cheer to children in their hometowns (bless them!).  iniesta made a surprise visit to the university hospital of albacete, where he took part in recognizing children with chronic illnesses who displayed remarkable spirit and fortitude during their long periods of confinement.

alexis distributed a truckload — yes, a truckload — of toys, together with his friends.

guy in black is a false nine 🙂 alexis is in white 🙂


on fool’s day in spain, vv tweeted that he was attacked by a shark.  he got some funny responses like “you were attacked by puyol?” and “how’s the shark?”.  he later tweeted this photo —

"obviously it was a joke! i hope you had a happy Day of the Holy Innocents. a hug, and enjoy the holidays with your family!" -- vv's twitter


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